Yamaha op-1 clone

Sorry for the clickbait :wink:

But Yamaha has a forum for product suggestions and people can vote on it.
So I decided to make a suggestions to make some kind of OP-1 clone,
because I would like an OP-1 without the TE price tag.

If you want to make a new OP-1 reality please take a look at my suggestion and give it an upvote.
I would highly appreciate it!!!


isn’t the op1 a mini-clone of the yamaha motif?

roland (fantom), yamaha (motif) and korg (kronos) have been making sampler/synth/sequencer/recorder all-in -one workstations for a quarter of a century.

a motif reface with mini keys would be absolutely brilliant. here’s hoping.

I see where you’re coming from…a reface Motif sounds insane.
BUT, I think that a big part of the allure of the TE products is the size.
You and put them in a Bag OP-1, or in your pocket OP-Z and just have them on you all the time.
I think the reface size is still a bit too big to do that.

But otherwise yeah, why not make a Mini-Motif has a nice ring to it.

yeah, size is absolutely a key ingredient. those workstations are bigger than a 1970s station wagon.

but it seems also that OP1 have been really smart in reducing the number of features in a way that makes the machine more creative. so i guess that’s probably the real challenge for yamaha in making something special.

i thought they did a really good job with the reface dx and made digital fm synthesis easy and fun.


I agree the reface line was pretty cool…I really want a CP, if only they had it as a module. Don’t need another set of keys.

Also agree on the OP-1 having limited features is cool. I think a mix of OP-1 and OP-Z would be cool.
A bit more straightforward sequencer, like OP-Z + OP-1s synth engines and FX and maybe an 8-Track recorder. I think the playful stuff like tombola and such can be left out in my opinion.

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What about OTTO? It runs great on the custom Raspberry board! It’s not on par with the OP1 but given that it’s early alpha, I wouldn’t expect less when it’s out.

I’m on the OTTO discord…looking forward to it, but don’t know, when they’ll finally release it.
I think OTTO is an amazing project
You’ll have to build it yourself though, which might not be everyone’s thing.