Yamaha PSS-140 FM keyboard

Hi operators, fresh and happy owner of OP-1 here. This is my first ‘serious’ post and also a little ‘thank you’ gift for this amazing community. I’ve been reading through forums for some weeks now, learning a lot.

Here’s the first batch of Yamaha PSS-140 patches sampled into OP-1 and fine-tuned for this little genius box. Some samples are pretty lofi but that’s the nature of PSS-140, funny FM toy keyboard from 80’s. I’m yet about to circuit bend it so there might come more twisted patches in the future.

Vol. 1 is a selection of 21 patches with some touches (FX, G LFO, …) of OP-1 engine. Names don’t relate to original PSS-140 patch names. More sounds will follow as they get sampled.

2015-10-13 - Vol. 2 added, patch list consolidated into a txt file

Patch list


Excuse my poor playing skills.

This is fantastic, thank you!

Just added Vol. 2.

This looks quite neat! I’m not familiar with this Yamaha, but I like the patches in your demo. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome! My first Keyboard was a PSS 780. Nearly 30 Years ago. Never realize, that it was a cool FM Synth. When i was a child it sounds like crap to me :slight_smile: but now! Fantastic!

I really like it : the cheap toy-like sounds of this synthesizer take a totally new face when it’s about tweaking them into the OP-1 !


Thank you @cube48, very well done !

the PSS470 and maybe a few others give u like 5 edit sliders for the FM synth too.