Yamaha QY70/QY100 etc

Anyone have any experience with these Yamaha QY sequencers? They seem very OP-1 like in capability, though much uglier by appearance. I’ve been searching for which hardware sequencer to get and thinking this would be ideal since it’s battery operated.

I have owned the QY70 for years. It was the first piece of synth gear that I bought. I still use it to this day. I love the sequencer in it. The sounds are a bit cheesy and flat, but with a little bit of effects and tweaking are usable. It’s a really deep machine (it can send cc, sysex, etc and microtime) and there’s a lot of hidden features. I would never give mine up. It has 16 tracks of midi and has a pattern and song mode. The chord feature is really cool. The only thing missing is grid recording (which is on the RM1X, but that’s a HUGE box).

Be prepared to spend a lot of time with it. It’s not as immediate as the OP-1, but once you get it, nothing else compares hardware wise.
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Yeah, I don’t mind that kind of rabbit hole, for something useful, lol

loveeeeeeee my QY70!

those cheesy yamaha sounds are great (pads!), and some of them are really dope actually. i really like the reverbs on it too.
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I was dangerously close to buying one of these… Oh dear… it’s going to happen…

Another thing missing is the ability to mute tracks easily. Great piece of kit though.


I had the exact experience. qy70 my first gear from 1998, still have, love, RM1X is another great one but yea, size. my recent op-1 purchase was in hope of simulating my QY past.