Yamaha reface cs

Haven’t really paid any attention to the reface series but keep seeing people saying the CS one is worth checking out. Just watched this video. Seems pretty cool. Some nice patches. Especially considering no external fx/processing. Shame no patch memory (wtf?!!). Anyone in here got one? Don’t think its going to be a purchase unless I see a super cheap 2nd hand deal turn up but interested to hear any user feedback anyway…


They’re nice bits of kit. I’ve had a longing for the dx :slight_smile:

I’d love the organ. The color combination is funky and the sound is classic. I’d get the YC. Not a fan of mini keys though.

I did see a Roland VK-8M (http://www.roland.com/products/vk-8m/)
the other day. Couldn’t believe the whopping price tag on it but it could be an option. Does anybody know anything about these? I love the organ sound. Going back to the Yamaha YC and the organ sound, I would use it more as a toy so I could only justify half the asking price.

I’m very tempted by either the CS or DX. I may be in a situation soon where I’ll need something nice to play live, and they seem like perfect compact synths for stage use. Of course, I’ll try the OP-1 first, but at least with the CS, it’d be nice to have something with those controls. One of my favourite synths to play live is the CS01, and since I don’t actually have one (just borrow a friend’s one every now and then), perhaps it may be a good idea to go for the CS :smiley:

I have the DX and really like it. It’s more hands-on and intuitive than any other FM synth I’ve tried, and the keyboard and bender feel amazing. Only thing I wish for is aftertouch and a modwheel.

Yamaha Reface CS is a true beauty! Among my beloved, immediate & inspiring synths (I have OP-1, Yamaha CS01, Original Korg MS-20, MS-10, DSI Tetra & Mopho Keyboard, Critter & Guitari Organelle, Roland Fantim G7, Roland JP-08, Roland JD-Xi and others). I love it’s warmth & versatility. As the SonicState review says: It’s an extremely musical instruments. It calls my fingertips to tweak it, to touch, to play. And it is built great.
Yessss, I wish it had patch memory… With it, I would totally recommend buying it as is.