Yamaha soliciting suggestions for future products

Perhaps you’ve been wishing for Yamaha to reissue something that they stopped making, or perhaps some fantasy thing that would be an awesome partner for your OP-1. Here’s your chance to tell Yamaha what you want.


had to throw something in there. yamaha is funny, they made some cool ass shit tho

A tricked out tenori-on would rock-- with hella sample time and storage, expanded hardware/buttons to allow 128 steps, pattern chaining or song mode, and automation layers to control fx and basic sample properties like pitch, sample start points, reverse and loop points.

It’ll never happen though…

A virtual hardware CS-80 would work . . . a DX-7 reissue?

Man a new DX might be cool. Put it in a mini keyboard with interesting controls.

Perhaps a DX with actual knobs to change parameters.

Perhaps a DX with actual knobs to change parameters.


I don’t see Yahama building that >.>

@KrisM whoaaaaaaa thats soooooo coooool

I went in and posted:

It is very cool and brave of you guys to ask the wide world what we would like to see developed.
What would rock is a small box kinda like the volca’s form factor but a totally different concept. A small mobile FM box with knobs that change multiple parameters at once. Not a smooth change but some odd algorithm that bounces values around a bit when adjusted. Be creative with the filters and effects.
This way you can release a product that is unique to Yamaha, with a recognisable sound. The small form factor and simplicity keeps production costs to a minimum and is a great way to reel in customers to future Yamaha products.

A synth ala Teenage engineering OP-1 design would also be great. Not a total mobile production kit like te OP-1 but rather a dedicated synth with well designed and very unique sound engines, filters and effects and not too many adjustable parameters, keep it simple. What’s most important is to make it playful but also a serious synth, this can be done by doing good visualisation of parameters and/or sound for the synth engines and filters/effects (so something else than just showing that encoder X is at value Y). Teenage engineering takes the cake here and there is absolutely no other company that comes even close. TE might be the pioneer but Yamaha has the professionality and means to set the industry standard and dominate.

Don’t produce “just another synth”. I see a many people already telling you guys specific design parameters, how many voices it should have, how many LFO’s etc… etc… Well excuse my french but screw that. Parameters don’t sell a product. The CONCEPT is what sells the product. Your engineers are smart and creative people let them go nutz. Let them eat all the cotton candy and let them watch all the Adventure Time they want :smiley:

Reissue the DX7 with decent controls in a smaller package, (I and many others would buy it)

Future products of Yamaha should put a smile on peoples face when they see it, let them be amazed when they interact with it and blown away when they hear it!

With the new product line you also should build a proper community to stimulate a growing following. A community that helps each other, where contests are organized for nothing but bragging rights. A place where younglings can get inspired and grow with the Yamaha products, a place where you can post your music and get the attention it deserves. And maybe expand this by organizing online courses in anything music/sound related. A place not only Yamaha customers will flock but also FUTURE Yamaha customers. A place where people instantly will GAS for Yamaha products. To achieve this you will need inspiring people to organically grow and cultivate this community, to ATTRACT these inspiring people you will need to design INSPIRING products.
Be inspiring!

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