Yelllow rubber feet unwinding themselves

Hi Gang,

Anyone else have this?

I tried tightening the screws on the inside with a screwdriver… I’ll just check the feet every now and then, and over the course of a day or so 2 or 3 of the feet are loose… I’m just a bit obsessive sometimes, and I’d like to not have to think about whether I should check the feet :rofl::sob::footprints:

My baseplate isn’t coming off, but 3 screws are definitely loose, while one is really tight. I generally find that baseplate the most disappointing part of the device, it feels cheap and flimsy, while the rest feels really nice all in all.


It seems this is the way it is designed.

The plastic screws can be easily turned 90 degrees to open the back of the unit in order to add a module or replace the battery

Yeah, I guess it’s a design flaw. I’m the same as @pjean in that 1 foot is tighter. Maybe it was just some units have a production flaw making them loose. Either way, it doesn’t suffice to say that it’s the way it is designed, unless it was meant to come loose by itself.

yup, same here…

I have to say that all in all the feet are pretty nice regardless of how tight they are. On my device the bottom plate seems so flimsy and light that it seems to bend downward a bit, which creates the illusion (i believe) that the case is bent and not really straight. This is the one thing that actually is a turn off. I can;t even tell if it’s really straight or not. A hard metal rule seems to show it’s straight, but an optical inspection makes it look warped. for a $600 product a bit sub-par. otherwise the thing is amazing and a lot of fun to explore and understand.

Mine is also warped. Especially around the module, it looks like the module is a little bit to big?
And i also have some doubletriggering around the area where the module is. Maybe i am going to switch my unit for a fresh one?

On my unit all of them are even

All tight? Or all loose?

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Does anyone know if it’s even possible to buy new feet? I just got my OP-Z today and already the feet are starting to get torn up from opening the base a few times to get the phone holder out. Not really an issue now, but I can see if getting worse if I do this often.

My first unit (that was faulty) had all the feet really firm in place and we’re reasonably tight. My replacement unit is the same as you guys, 3 are pretty loose and 1 is very difficult to get off, I had to rotate the back plate around the last foot to remove the cover, there is a little bit of flashing left on the end of the pins so I suspect this was the issue. My back plate feels quite loose and jiggles around, I just put some nice looking tape on the bottom to hold it in place.

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This is so dodgy.

I’m also getting double trigs.

Perhaps it is what it is…

Where did you put the tape, my dude? Pics plz?

Its just some gift wrapping tape my gf makes. I could place it a lot neater but it stops the bottom from moving, also put some on top for decoration.

Thanks my dude!

Someone has gotta send this to TE, hahahaha. I wonder how they feel about the need for tape to hold it together?

My my, what a world.

Can I ask what you mean by a little bit of flashing left on the end of the pins?

Anyone have thoughts on the best way to DIY repair the feet so they stay locked? I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff.


My dials were falling off, and I used sealing duct tape, as it is a very thin tape, the dials are tight and won’t fall off, I plan using the same tape to tight the screws.



Cool! If it can’t fixed with duct tape, it can’t be fixed.

Where will you put it on the screws?

Is it that big a deal? Mine sometimes can turn alittle but the chances of all of them turning and all the way plus the back coming off is gonna be basically zero… just turn them back when you see them turned, I don’t mind, I much rather have a replaceable battery, it doesn’t seem cheap to me and is an adequate design.

I managed to tight a little bit with a precision screw driver.

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