Yes, got the mail

Today got the UPS mail from TE. Surprisingly the line module came with a sound isolator!


Also I was curious if the new line module will gave me some extra digital lines. But now I understand that a module never can change the amount of digital channels, I think this will always stay 2/2, was hoping for a 4/2 configuration. (4 in 2 out).



Here you can see the module screens.


I use my op-z daily for 2 years and… I have not met any bending chassis. Yes popping encoders but solved it with plumping tape. And the retrigger issue is once a month… I own a lot of gear but… The OP-Z is the most used sketch book in any place. Always take it to places where my modular case will not be there… The sound quality is OK (Effects are moaw). But with a little sound design and mixing you can get much more from this little grey Nokia TV demand :slight_smile:


Travel guide: when I am traveling I always take the OP-Z, PO-32 and my iPad with me. It’s so light… And is use the iPad for compression, effects, midi and recording all done with AUM (great app by the way). At the moment I am building a Midi controller to use with the iPad inside AUM. Just Connect the USB and go……

When this midi template is ready I will share it! You need to buy the app NurackFX (audio unit) and there you can load my midi template. Like this you can stay in one environment (AUM APP) with audio effects and a Midi controller.

And if you want to use a external effect with the line module: I use a small audio interface from Rode: AI micro 24 bit/48 kHz, directly connected with a lighting cable to the iPhone. With the iPhone there is almost no latency.

You can use a mono split or stereo cable and this audio interface automatically knows wich cable you are using connect it to AUM on your iPhone with for example the Eventide black hole plugin or for drum compression I use the nice RoughRider 3.


Mine is arriving tomorrow, I can’t wait to incorporate it in my rig!

I’ve had the same hope for this to turn the op-z into a 4/4 usb audio interface but I guess I can still use my desktop audio interface instead :slightly_smiling_face:. Maybe in a future firmware update (fingers crossed).

Why do you think they included the ground loop noise isolator? There must be some ground loop issue in some configuration that they expect will cause problems to many people…!

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They said it is for multiple effect loop all connected to the same power source can cause noise.

Same here…hopefully a firmware update could increase the number of ins & outs when ZM-4 is detected?

I think the built in audio interface is 2/2 and can’t be changed by a module. More separate digital channels is more AD converters? More CPU?

You’re probably right but could it be that since different tracks can be routed out of the module the module itself contains additional AD/DA converters and also that the cpu is up to the task?