You gotta admit its a handsome €5,896 family ;-)


Very much so!

to be fair the app is only for transcribing the audio to text

i cant imagine anyone would want a feature like that done on the tp-7 itself

fair enough i was just commenting on what you said about app intergration

but if your saying the tp-7 just isnt for you in general thats fine

not really for me right now but it could be in the future
again, to each their own, but i only offered a critique of how TE is presenting the device and who it seems designed for

how do you access and edit multitrack recordings for this thing? is that not on the app?

the editing functions are done on the device

cant remember what the actual features are (skimmed though the manual) but pressing rec and stop at the same time activates editing mode

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6 tracks. Check the FM


IMO the biggest problem (for me, and 10% of the population) is that it doesn’t come in a left-handed version – it would feel really natural in my left hand, but the thought of using the rocker in my right hand feels very off/wrong. Sort of disappointing because TE seems to love little details/quirks, having a left-handed version would have been fun. Alas. :confused:


just gotta admit this video and further exploration of what TP7 can do has me willing to reconsider my viewpoint

it’s not what i had in mind but would be insanely fun and useful in it’s own right

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I would pay, perhaps, $400 for the recorder. Not $1.5K. It looks cool, seems to have some neat features, but in the end it’s just a tool. There are tools for recording that are very good and cost about $300. Also, it seems like something that will break quite often. I get the idea of tactile feedback with the rocker and wheel, but they don’t seem particularly reliable or resistant to wear.

Also, I had a faint hope that OP-1F will get some sort of podcast mode where you can record 1 stereo track with 24 minutes of sound to tape (which could be further increased by slowing the tape down). That would be really neat. Recording voice, using sound effects, playing clips from the sampler… Now it’s virtually guaranteed nothing of this sort will happen.

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I really don‘t get the TP-7… why would I want this spinning wheel and 3 elements sticking out that can get damaged when I put this in a bag? I wonder what other features they will come up with, I just don‘t get who is the target audience for this.

i just noticed the thread title change and no longer wish to be a part of the thread but the target audience is me (geeks who like dj gear and rotary gestures for improvised music)

early aughts saw several manufacturers make cd or hdd based turntablist tools and this is pretty similar…but portable & updated connectivity options


Watching TX-6 mega-tutorial from Cuckoo and I gotta say, the device is impressive, but I have the feeling it could be a bit bigger (wider) and that wouldn’t be a huge downside at all.

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just wanted to say that i am also the target audience and one of those geeks.

back in the day i used to have one of these, and its still one of the coolest and most fun products ever to me (p.s im not a dj though) and have been wishing for a modern, portable version ever since mine stopped working and i stopped buying cds.

the ob-4 came close, but the tp-7 (once it gets looping of some sort) will be near perfect and worth the money for me.