You guys it happened!

Well I’m thinking if it’s easy enough to lift pads, I’m worried that the damage it has already received has ruined the board. I’ve saved more severely damaged equipment but we shall see! How exciting! Lol

That’s a really good idea. They have OP-1 in stock, so I’m hoping that means they have spares as well.

Got here a day early!

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Wow what a roller coaster.

So the previous owner tore the pads off the connector board, like GONE. The board was all mangled and burnt by the one pad too, what a mess.

Long story short I decided to dig thru the silicon to get to the other side of board sandwich and solder the jack terminals to that copper that I exposed and I kid you not IT WORKED. I now have a fully functional OP-1 without having to buy any parts lol

I am going to go to play with my new toy and will add to this when I can’t play with it anymore lol


Congratulations and enjoy it!

Thank you, what a wild little machine! So much learning to do

Well to wrap this up, I reached out to TE and they sent me a link to buy the board! I ordered it, was pretty cheap actually. Well less expensive than I thought. Less than $130 shipped to my American front door.

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I am a new user as well. I love it, glad you get to have one too.

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New Connector Board kit arrived this afternoon. I live in east coast US, if anyone is wondering how long they take to ship one of these. I posted when I ordered it, so 5 days from when I emailed them asking them kindly for a board for my second-hand-purchased-broken OP-1 to having the part in my hand.

I’d say they have been stepping up their customer service!! Was a super smooth transaction.

And again, it was $99 + Shipping, I think a total of $127? Not bad!!


@sKyWhale congrats on the successful repair! do you have any pictures of your fix to the connector board? might be helpful for others looking to do the same thing!

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Good idea. I will attempt to remove the jack to show what it looks like. I have the new CB in, so I’ll try it in the name of science

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I unfortunately ruined the board for the demo here, but it is what it is. I wiped a surface mount diode off and cannot find it, not that I would know how to reattach it and in what orientation, so take it as a warning to be as careful as possible!!!

Also forgive the hideous state of this thing, I used a file to scrap the coating off to find tracings lol, a completely unnecessary step but it did lead me to thinking to dig thru the board.

Should I make this a separate topic?

Bummer about the diode. With a small enough solder tip you could probably get it back on if you could find it… but the orientation issue is a reason I like to take pictures as much as possible when working on these tiny things just so I hopefully have something to reference when a problem arises.

I did have before pics, but this thing is sooo tiny, we’re talking like pin head lol.

I also had hit it with the file during the first repair, so I couldn’t tell orientation even if I found it. At least I have a new connector board already installed :sweat_smile:

these things happen… sounds like you’ve got a good idea what you’re doing… and probably also adding to your experience of things not to do or be careful of.

Years ago I ran out of hands and decided to hold the soldering iron in my mount for a few seconds to readjust the angle on a wire I was trying to solder in place. For whatever reason my dog jumped up, caught the cable and the iron bumped my face for a split second. I haven’t done that maneuver since :smiley:

Are you going to keep working on this board, or time to give up on it?

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I was thinking of adding an fm transmitter, I ordered a few mini boards, but I’m not sure if I want to hook this up to OP-1 with that diode missing. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t kill it, but I just don’t want to risk it.

Someone suggested using Captan (sp?) to protect the other components, I will for sure be picking up a roll of that for future projects lol

ok so i designed this board, the diode is just an ESD surge protector (PGB1010402KR), the orientation doesn’t matter and the OP-1 will work just fine without it (unless you zap it with some ESD, i guess) :slight_smile:

i think it’s great that you’re repairing this thing, i love seeing people bring dead electronics back to life. next time if you want to remove SMT parts without ripping the pads off, try chipquik desoldering alloy!

kapton tape is great to have when repairing things too. and if you’re not already using it, some flux on the desoldering braid makes it work a lot better. especially for cleaning pads up so you can make a nice and tidy re-soldering.


Wow thank you Jon!!! That’s so helpful!!

I bought this guy with the pads/ jack already torn off, but I will also look into that suggested desolder alloy, in case I end up needing it for future repairs.

That’s a great tip for adding flux to my wick, I have not tried that but makes a tons of sense as soon as I read it lol.

Thanks again!


yea flux on the wick will make your life a million times easier
learned myself the hard way awhile back :stuck_out_tongue: