You have a PO-12, which do you choose from the PO-14 / PO-16?

If you already have a PO-12, which of the PO-14 and PO-16 compliments the 12 the most?

Which of the 14 or 16 gives you more scope for general musical tinkering?

SUB i think can stand on its own much better than the Factory. so for that reason and to not further clutter mix with sub(has a good drum kit aswell) I would say get the factory.

Can’t the PO-12 sorta do bassy things with a couple of the sounds, too? I think the Factory would be a good choice, too, if that’s the case.

sub>>>>>factory imo

The range of sounds is much wider in sub. Factory seems to end up in similar places most of the times.

Someone mentioned that the micro drum sounds in the Sub are different from the Factory… is that really true?

Yup. The sub seems to have a more proper drum set (kick, pseudosnare, tom, rim, stabs, etc) while the factory set is more ‘alternative’, though still workable. Completely different kits.

@punji yeah they are different. I would say that Sub has better synths sounds but Factory has better drums.

Any way, I like the Sub the most but @masterofstuff124 do have a point.
Here you can listen to both drum kits, one file each:

Thanks for all the comments, always interesting to see what people think.