Your #10YOP1

Here is a list of operators’ submissions for Teenage Engineering’s #10YOP1 beat contest for OP-1 tenth birthday.

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Here is my entry for the #10YOP1 beat making challenge: my best friend the Spanish metronome.


hahaha yeah its always fun to have a talking metronome on the background.
and frekvents !

This is my entry for the #10YOP1 beat contest organised by Teenage Engineering for the 10th anniversary of the OP-1.

I decided to go with a Boards of Canada-like aesthetic, because, well, they are my favourite contemporary electronic music band. The OP-1 is driving me towards making music that is more spontaneous, more felt, if you will, and that includes sampling as a prominent part of the song-making process, just like in Boards of Canada’s music.

I made all the synth and fx sounds and on the OP-1 and recorded most of the parts live into Logic. It’s a really satisfying sensation to play an instrument and get a take exactly how you want it – after many attempts – rather than just sequence it. Even the arpeggiated part is recorded by playing chords live on the OP-1 keyboard, which leads to unpredictable pattern and timing asynchronicities – it’s an actual word, I checked!

The vocal chops are samples bits run into the OP-1’s phone effect, I like what that effect does to vocals, especially when modulated by the random LFO.

The drums are one-shot samples from Modeaudio programmed into Logic’s step sequencer, to which I added a healthy does of bitcrushing. I’m pretty happy how the percussion part turned out. I like to think that I’m slowly getting better at programming drums. I think the main challenge was to come up with a sensible song structure fitting the one minute time limit imposed by the contest rules. I know it feels a bit rushed, but let me know if you like it, I might decide to make an extended version of it.


#10yOP1 #OP-1 #COVID19creativity #onthego #psound74

Composed & performed entirely on the OP-1 in honor of its decade of existence! Majority composed on NJ Transit/NYCT Subway commute times…

MG-1 | SK-1 | TR-909 | fp Xylphone | VL-1 | OP-1

Few more hours left… beat contest - teenage engineering

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I tried to make a video but I suck so much at this!

Plus IG makes the sound awful!
Guess I should get some proper gear for video recording…

Here is the original track:


up way too late making the video last night

or insta in you’re so inclined

Hit every drum/synth engine here



LMAO i had a choplifter sample sitting in DRUM that never made it to light in my tune

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Ahah, I forgot to include the G-Force in mine!

Here’s mine. Acoustic guitars into the built-in mic. Stock sounds for bass and drums. A sample of “OP-1 patch”, and Bob’s yer uncle.


Good one, I had forgotten about the “OP-1 patch” sound ^^
I was tempted to introduce some sounds from Simon The Magpie’s Chopper video but I decided to produce all my sounds.

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that’s why I was OK with omitting choplifter

brilliant, I racked my brain a bit for obscure workflows/sources in making mine, and this one didn’t even occur to me.

I think I put a bit of the secret crank “compressor” (?) somewhere in mine; probably the most obscure OP-1 trick I know

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Nice thread. Here is my attempt with an OP-Z, but it was raining out so not the glorious forest bathing experience I was hoping for :rofl:

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i should put that on my to do list :scream:


Hi there! :slight_smile:
Here is my participation to the contest i made it with many back and forth between Ableton live and OP-1 and use different plugs ins as stutter edit and twistedtools suite
hope you’re gona enjoy!

Feel free to comment ! :slight_smile:

@beefinator ,
Nice work! What is the “crank compressor” trick you mentioned?


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