Your favorite effect of the OP-1?

Grid is (like Phone) a really unique and interesting effect… I just wish you could tune it a bit lower.

It adds all sorts of high-frequency noise, but if you tune it just right (works best with a single chord) you can get it to generate really cool textures/rhythms.

Some Delay love here. I find it really versatile. I find I can get some interesting rhythmic stuff going especially using an LFO routed to any of the parameters.

A Random modulated delay can provide some really nice atmosphere, I’ve used that a few times.

I love the way Nitro looks…surely that counts.
I love the sound on Spring.
Thought I’d raise this thread ,see if anyone else will chime in.
I keep having to go back pages and see comments of what you all said, as I’m still feeling my way with this beauty .

Phone, on the master.

With the memory keys I use it for a lot of little things, like highlighting the last beat or two every few bars, or soloing a vocal bit and giving it a demon voice. It also does a nice job of stereo enhancement, I wish there was a way to set it to keep the sound relatively clean while doing that.

For synths I’m usually stuck nitro/punch to clean up the sound or a touch of delay. Nitro+Element (set to EG) is a go-to for setting up a filter envelope. I wish you could put the green knob to EG mode so I don’t have to waste the LFO on it though. (Or better, for different purposes: a separate EG for use with element, so the filter envelope so it can differ from the gain EG.)

I can’t use spring, it blows up too much. Maybe I have too little dynamic range.