Your favorite effect of the OP-1?

In the same spirit as the Favorite Engine thread, here’s asking, what’s your favorite effect? I’ve also asked Most Used in the poll, I think they can be different.

Most used for me is Nitro. I’d say along with Spring and Delay, those are the “orthodox” effects.
But I think for favorite, I’d have to say Phone. It can really do some awesome things to a sound. Especially the master stereo version, crazy.

Also, as the other thread included the samplers, I’m including EQ and Drive in this one.


Nitro, it’s usefull, fun and sounds really good.

Yeah, CWO is missing! After Drive, I think Nitro is my most used effect. Phone is probably my favorite, I love it for drums.

I guess I use spring most, closely followed by CWO. I really love CWO, it’s my favourite

Wow, how the hell did I miss CWO? New poll, fixed this time…

I am a whore for Phone and have been known to use it as the Master FX lol.

Spring and delay are definitely my most used. I love CWO though!

Recently, I did a pass of some drums through the white ear with some EQ settings and dropped the result into a drum sampler for further shenanigans, so yes… EQ - not to be forgotten about as an effect.

I’d have to say that the OP-1’s “calming” effect is the one I most value; most cherish.

Where’s the delay love? :slight_smile:

If there were a question for “most disappointing”, it would be reverb :frowning:
I would love a long and smooth reverb, not this metallic monster!

I dunno, I can dig the reverb for what it is. It’s become part of the sound for me. I go elsewhere for smoother reverb needs I guess. The ‘metallic monster’ description is pretty apt though :slight_smile:

@johnl I agree, but combining Delay and Spring can result in some awesome sounds

Well Spring is just that - a spring reverb emulation. Not supposed to be the smoothest.

Spring to me is like water is to fish. I can’t imagine making a track without it, wether on the OP-1 or not. Granted there are prettier and more modern reverbs to choose from, but it’s become my fave and I have a bunch at home that I use in addition to the OP-1 version. I can easily understand why it’s not for everyone though. Back in the day, when the only reverb I owned was an real analog spring, I hated it. Now I wish I could get that unit back. I miss it so. It could go totally other world spacey in a way that my digital spring emulations just cannot match.

I used to hate Spring until I spent a bit of time really using it. Now I find it suits my needs quite nicely when working just with the OP-1.

^spring is the only aspect of the op1 i cant really effectively use. its always too harsh for me.

I keep all the parameters (except Red, which I turn up) turned down with the OP-1 Spring, especially the Blue encoder. To my ears, it keeps it from being to harsh, but even that might not be enough for you @masterofstuff142 however, I’d give it a try, just to see. It does get metalic and harsh quickly if you don’t keep the parameters in the sweet spot.

Turning Blue way down is definitely a big part of making Spring sound less of a harsh metallic nightmare hehe.

^ill give it a try when my new IO board comes in. I really would like a nice reverb in the op1… funny thing about the op1 i hate pretty much hate every effect/synth till i really can wrap my head around it then im in love. for instance I love the gnarly unpredictable fluctuations nitro can pump out. Im gonna really give the reverb a try this time.

Oh, definitely. can’t forget about the blue encoder. Turning it clockwise seems to make it less spring-y, i.e. less of a “metallic monster”. Green seems to set the color of it, from lower frequency reverberations to brighter colored shimmer. White is the decay, and red is level of course.