Your favourite knob colour of the OP-1?

Just trolling… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Blue. That´s where my crank is!

why do people so often call the orange one red? >.>

I picked green.

I had to pick green too. Green and white signify loop start and end points. Drum sampler ftw!

I picke green, too.

Seems there’s no love for the volume knob lol…

@KrisM looks more red on the screen.

And white looks pink. I actually thought I had a bad OP-1 screen when I first got it >.>

Orange all the way for me.

@KrisM: it’s something that’s puzzled me from the start, the orange/red thing. It doesn’t keep me up nights or anything but…!

I chose white because I’m color blind… Just joshing, I’m more “color deficient.”