Your favourite sound Engine of the OP-1?

So, what's your favourite synth engine? Your go to? That one sound maker above all others you always reach for?

I'm including the Synth and Drum samplers in the poll, and DBox.

Awe man, not fair to have Drum Sampler in there, because I almost always resample EVERYTHING to a drum sampler. That would be my vote, but I’ma keep it to the Synth engines and vote for FM. I use the Sine Wave properties of the engine ALL the time, and you can get some nice crazy stuff too.

DNA, cause it’s craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy

I was a bit hesitant to include either sampler but since sampling is a staple for some, figured I should include them.

i kept w/ the synth engines too and chose cluster. i think i prob use dr. wave the most, but i love the fat pads & detuned sounds u can make w/ cluster!

hmm its hard to narrow down. but i love the oddball string sounds i can get from the string synth. that coupled with the effects is quite pleasing to my ear. but i love them all. DR WAVE so easy so fat.

o shit i forgot d synth!

I feel so sad for Phase!

I would love Dr. Wave if it didn’t seem to always generate lots of random clicks/pops… :frowning:

Dr Wave and Pulse by far, then FM. Drum Sampler is great too though, I find use for most of them except Phase which I think has a horrible tone I think it actually needs a revision as Phase Distortion can sound much less nasaly and better.

Cluster all the way, it can output some gnarly sounds. Dsynth runs a close second for me.

Waiting for the first SOB to choose the sampler :)

Strings is just amazing, but I said Dr. Wave, after all the experimenting I did with it for the Battle 24.

I like Phase, I just haven’t used it much. Some nice bass sounds to be had there.

Love the DSYNTH once I got used to it. Strings a close second.

Phase really needs to be run through a filter to take off the excessive high frequencies; after that it can be pretty nice.

Or: Grid really likes lots of high frequencies, which means Phase is one of the best engines to feed it with.

@Darenager: do you have any links/examples? I think it would be cool if TE take a second stab at a PD synth (in a different direction that Phase).

phase is the blue one w/ the modulation? or the one w/ the 3 waves? i always get those two mixed up in my head.

I actually voted Dbox when I first got my OP as it tickled me so and I love drum synths. But for keys Cluster is a very nice engine. Also got some decent bass with FM(combined with Punch bass enhancement) and motorbike/lawnmower type bass with DNA.

Try DBox with about 4% random LFO.