your favourite tricks?

what are your favourite performance gestures with the OP1 that result in cool sonic effects? I like this:

CWO - freq: v.low, delay: 0, feedback: 0, sideband: max
start: play synth tone into cow
  1. rotate green (delay) quickly to max, sound will briefly stop, immediately rotate white (feedback) to as high as possible, sound restarts doubled
  2. bring green (delay) down at medium speed, sound accumulates shifted in pitch
  3. when you reach delay 0, bring feedback down to 0

when something is playing within the loop points if you just start tapping on out you always get a similar sort of granular jam.

alternative uses for effects

cwo can be used as a phaser.
Delay can be used as a reverb.
Grid can add nice rhythmic variation to drums.

I wonder if one could use the sketch sequencer to actually draw waveforms.

Beat would have to be set very high…
But this could be funny.

This is how Veets from Elektronauts does with the OT. I guess a similar approach could be used :slight_smile:

since we already have a general tips/tricks topic, I wouldn’t want to hijack that, so merely interested in the actual gestures - “start here, move this, then move that, something really cool happens, i use it all the time”-kind of thing.

I saw @cuckoo doing some funky things w/ tape in his recent op1 jam, that triggered the idea.

... I saw @cuckoo doing some funky things w/ tape in his recent op1 jam, that triggered the idea.

in that jam I did something that I do all the time. In tape, I'm using the back-and-forth repeater and wind up the speed by using the arrows, while still repeating, if adding a third finger tap on the play (I think?) button, the REW/ FFW speed is instant top speed. Then I release everything and hit play on the beat by feel, to get back to time again.