Your OP-Z Tracks

Happy Jamuary Z’ers


Back at it again! Jamuary day 10

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I uploaded a video doing Planetary Resonance. Check it out, I appreciate everyone in our community.

“Break the default settings”

With everything in #jamuary2020 going on, I released another OP-Z performance video of “Anymore” from my latest album.

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Hey all. I released this track at the end of summer last year. Other than the vocals and some guitar and scratching, it was all composed on the OP-Z. I do a lot of different styles, but this one has a dark hip-hop vibe. Look it up on Spotify Johnny La Rock “FUNES” or watch the YT link below. Thanks!

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So I took the plunge into the modular world with the OP-Z as the main brain. Right now all I have is a mimeophon but i’m getting a VCO this Friday!


Unloading Jamuary factory sound jams before we load up Division dept drum kits. Enjoy! #quack


Really awesome beginning! Some of those sounds are straight out of E.T. really cool

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I finally got my Mutable Instruments Plaits to pair with my Mimeophon. So much rich textures between the two of them. I used the OP-Z to control the pitch, volume and eventually some modulation.

Empty pattern freestyle improvisation.

OP-Z gives the Sync Click to each other machines via OP-Lab and P0ck3t0 Sync Splitter. PO-28 Robot Synth filtered by Korg Monotron Duo MS-20 filter. Live mixed on Bastl Dude mixer. Dry sound from the Dude into iPhone 5s via Behringer UCA222.

Here’s a fun trippy synth hop jam. Just finished today

Dango - To The Floor (Full edit)

My first finalized track on the Op-Z

This is my 14 minutes live set from the last Electronic Open Mic event.


My first track recorded with the op-z, finally got round to recording with this device.

I’m silly proud of this tune - I recorded the audio direct over USB Ableton and I was blown away with how full it sounds - bass shaking the walls of my home studio - I’ve only had the OP-Z for a month and it’s exceeded my expectations - hope you enjoy this…



Video includes a live OP-Z track mixdown with tweaked internal performance FX, and some live playing over the sequence thanks to the powerful chord track (track8). Only internal synths and samples are used.

The next one will incorporate some custom samples.

As it’s live it’s not perfect, and it could probably use some mastering. :slight_smile:

Another one from my favorite little “chocolate bar studio”.


Audio-only version, if you like:

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My new track, Courage Reactor, up on YouTube.

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OP-Z doing Digital World by Trans-X