Your OP-Z Tracks

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Classic sounding…flashes back to Klaus Shultz, JM Jarre…Good composition! What’s your recording setup?


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That was really cool! What is the little white joystick box that breaks the sound up?

Finally finding a voice w/ this thing. Here’s a snippet of what’s in the works. Hope you enjoy. DMG Dance Set Opener

I would be glad to hear your feedback for my first two tracks i recorded out of my op-z into the world😊

hi, a quick OP-Z evening jam.
I love the sound the Bass make when full resonnance + low pass filter, almost like liquid at some point.



Most recent track I’ve made using the op-z in conjunction with my eurorack!

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Hi OPZtacle - or anyone else - can you help me with embedding SoundCloud player? Whenever I paste the code into the editor, the <> and & get substituted, so I retype them. Then it looks ok in the editor, but the preview is blank, and when I view the page source the code is ‘skipped’… argh!

How do you do it?

I just copy the url and press reply :thinking:

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Here’s my first OP-Z track. Plenty to work on, but like some of the sounds! This is one pattern, played live with muting etc …

Agh! I was overthinking it … that just works!! :blush:

Happy i was able to help😊