zDruma - Great sounding analog drum sounds for your OP-Z


£6GBP for 5 kits of original analog drum sounds, I made these sounds on the Elektron Analog Four, in the (now infamous) Druma pack, edited slighty and arranged into categories (Kick, Snare,Cymbals etc) for loading into your OP-Z. Fresh and punchy, suitable for most styles of electronic music. Also check out my other Druma kits for OP-1, Octatrack and of course the Analog 4/Keys.

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Can confirm drums sound great.

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any way to preview them?

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@darenager thanks! these sound great

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Thanks guys, I will be making some more soundpacks soon, including some unusual synths and other stuff.

@geesbert I will be making some demos this week.

Looking forward to someone making some nice OP-Z synth sample packs too (or do the OP-1 synth packs work as-is?)

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@spongefile The OP1 samples do work, but currently there are some issues with playback, certain keys have aliasing and sound a bit rough. The new OPZ synth packs that I am working on won’t have this issue. Once I have finished them I’ll make some demos.

Here is a quick demo of one of the new sound packs I’m working on, all the sounds are my samples, and some of them are from the zDruma pack, I’ll be making more demos over the next few days.