ZM-4 Module Not Working - Only Recognized Sporadically

I recently got my ZM-4 Line Module. I was super excited - have been using the oplab module since it came out - and I can’t get it to work.

When you boot up the Z, the lights will cycle to show you the module has been recognized - and the ZM-4 module only does this occasionally. Double checking in the OP-Z app shows no module installed.

When it does happen to be recognized by the machine (lights flash on boot and it shows up in the app), the module only stays recognized for a minute or two before disappearing from the app.

I’ve gone back to using the oplab module - this never has any issues being recognized.

I’m running the latest firmware (1.2.45). I’ve also tried to revert to firmware 1.2.40 and the same issues remain.

Anyone else have an issue? Did you find a fix?

(I have submitted a support ticket request and haven’t yet heard a response, but my new module arrived on Friday and it was likely aready the weekend in Teenage engineering-Ville.)

Perhaps it has the same issue as the OPLab module, and requires a little foam between the I/Os to help wedge it in place and keep contact.