Zoom H5


Seems like quite a few people on here have one of these, and I was wondering:

How’s it been?

I’m looking at one for a few reasons:

-Field recordings
-Recording Stereo out of mixer for computer-free recordings
-As a preamp for guitar & bass

If any of these things won’t work out with the H5, it seems like too costly an investment… The preamp thing is the one that seems the most doubtful – the first two are what these things are meant to do well, and it’s not a low-end unit in the Zoom H range. But could anyone share their views concerning the H5, do you think it could hack all this?

Thanks guys!

Hey @josker, I have an H5 and I’m very happy with it. I initially got mine as a means to take better quality field recordings so that I could integrate some interesting sounds and textures into my tracks. To my ears, the sound quality is really great (although, this is the first handheld mic thingy I’ve ever owned, so I don’t have much to compare it to). It really opens up a multitude of creative things to mess around with. Even just sticking it out the window, capturing a stereo recording and listening back fills you with inspiration for stuff to try. I’ve also plugged my gear into it to record full tracks, to avoid faffing around with computers and audio interfaces. (I understand you can use the H5 as an audio interface itself, although I haven’t tried that). I’ve made op-1 drum kits from sounds I’ve recorded into the H5 and transfered into Audacity for chopping up. Actually, I’m in Iceland at the moment and I’m kicking myself for fogetting to bring it with me!

I rock a little H1. It also works as a USB mic too.

I’ve got the Zoom H2N and that’s a wonderful mic ! Pretty small, but all-in stuffs

+1 on the h5. Very nice sounding mics, it’s weird, when listening to random recordings of conversations, I’ll turn my head thinking someone actually said something IRL… The interchangeable modules is useful too (allows for 4-track recording with the XLR module).

I’ve used it with external mikes too, and I’m by no means an expert in preamps, but the preamps seem fine.

I use mine for computer-free recordings now. Easier than using a regular interface, the computer doesn’t have to be near the setup. Yeah, it can be used as an interface somehow, I haven’t tried though.

Haven’t used it for guitar/bass, so can’t speak on that front. *edit, looked at the Zoom product page, and it mentions “guitars or basses with active electronics.” So looks like a no on that point.

I have the h6 and it is awesome!