0 Coast opinions

Hello people,
Today I became very interested in the Make Noise 0 Coast.
I saw some older threads talking about it, but I’d like to hear if people here still like it or how your opinion has changed over time.
Just so you understand my wants & needs: I am not into modular at all and don’t want to get into it.
I own an OP-Z and a Push 2. The 0-Coast would be an addition to my setup, so I can use it as a lead-synth and a freaky sound source to inspire and surprise me.
Is it worth it for that?

additional questions:
If you sold it, why did you sell it?
What do you mainly use it for?
Why would you never sell it?
How well does it play with the OP-Z?
Why should I buy/not buy it?
What would you consider a better alternatie?


The 0-Coast will convert MIDI to Control Voltage (CV), specifically pitch and gates without any issues. Thing is, it’s a 1 voice synth, with a couple of extra voices possible through some clever modular tricks:

If you’re not into modular and don’t want to get into it, you’ll be disappointed.

thanks for the answer. I think I need to clarify that by not getting into modular I mean not buying more modules :wink: Of course I want to try my own patches on the 0-coast though.

It’s a cool monosynth and I love it.
Very convenient when you eventually get into Eurorack, as it’s composed of several useful modules already.

No patch, and at the beginning a bit surprising, it took me a while before figuring out how to use it.

If you want to stay away of modular, though, don’t get it. It’s been designed as a slippery slope :smiley:

Haha…oh my… the second one already telling me that. That sounds scary.
Does it leave a lot to be desired, or why is it not to be recommended on its own?

the O Coast came before Behringer, keep that in mind if you want to cover the Analog realm.

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Yeah I see where you’re coming from…I would take an exact Behringer copy for 300 !

IMO that’s a good advice. 0-Coast is nuts, but covers more of the weirder territories.
A good old Model D will be easier to discover semi-modular while providing a kick-ass sound.

I just saw the loopop video on the model D it sounds very nice.
But the first thing that puts me off is that tuning of the oscillators requires opening it up…
on the 0-Coast it does it automatically.
Otherwise the Model seems a good alternative

Well, you don’t tune an analog synth every day :slight_smile:
Unless your place is very different from where it has been built, there are chances you don’t really need to tune it anyway.

I use to have a Slim Phatty (oh so beautiful sound): it was taking a few minutes to reach the right tune. So I had a tuner stompbox right behind, just to check :slight_smile:

Doesn’t leave anything to be desired, as far as I’m concerned - I love it! But I’m a big fan of Make Noise’s way of thinking :slight_smile:

hmmm…who knows what Santa (aka wife) will bring this year :slight_smile:

(just to come back on topic).

0-Coast takes some time to get used to, but is definitely fun.
Even if I got rig of my little modular skiff, this one would stay for sure :slight_smile:

I junkie-ed my way through all of the videos today :slight_smile:
…Dreaming of syncing it to my OP-Z

OK, then it seems your question was only rhetorical :wink:

0-Coast is IMO a very unique synth. And you’ll keep discovering new ways of playing it for years.
A good sequencer + sampler at its side is a very good idea: it’s sometimes hard to recreate patches — not impossible, but you might prefer just wander in new unknown territories when you play with it, it invites to this…

Oh no it really wasn’t rhetorical.
Your answer now is something I was interested in. How happy people are with it after a few years.
And if it provides enough variables to be still discovering new things…without buying extra modules. That’s a lot more helpful than hearing from people who just bought a unit. As I wouldn’t want to buy something just to sell it again after a few months.

Behringer Neutron.
it can really go into Buchla territory and even further when using two of them.

…more and more I think it’s the real “red panel” system. :fire:

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I’ll look into it :slight_smile:
Can’t argue with that price, that’s for sure…

I just checked: it’s been almost 3 years already!
For a few months, I was often close to reselling it, as I couldn’t see how to have it fit my rig.

I started to love it more when using the A4 to control/modulate it.

Now that I have a little modular, I use a lot of its parts!
And can see how it was conceived to work both standalone and with eurorack.

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Had it, sold it, regret it, will buy again. My only gripe is that you can rack it but not easily without sliding nuts. It will lead you to eurorack which isn’t a bad thing as long as you can control yourself.

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