1.5.6 for the OP-1F is out


Same features we saw for the 1.5.5 leak

  • support for audio class 2.0 usb devices
  • improved usb stability, latency and compatibility
  • option for selecting input channel(s) on usb audio
  • shift+T3 to clone in tape browser
  • shift+encoder click to center pan in mixer
  • merge drop (shift+drop) now uses clipboard mixer levels instead of active mixer levels
  • fix rare factory reset bug after power off with usb device connected
  • fix crash when recording to synth sampler after lift/drop samples
  • fix crash on startup when loading inva

Clone tape was one of the upgrades on my wish list, so I’m happy :smiley:

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Yeah, that’s definitely the highlight of this update for me too.

Just curious, what is your specific case guys to copy entire tape?

BTW. could you copy from one tape to another but different type like from “cd” to “vintage”?

I haven’t used it yet, but personally I could see Clone Tape being beneficial if I get to a good saving point with a ‘project’ and want to clone that and make changes (or arrangement) on a new tape.

So, basically I could use one tape as a ‘session’ tape and one tape as an ‘arranger’ tape and not have changes to the arranger tape affect the original copy.


Unfortunately the per tape mixer settings seems to be lost.

I’ll just wait a couple of weeks for updating, cant have global mixer settings. What a shitshow

My use would be if I’d got a bunch of ideas that I wanted to keep separate on one tape, duplicate the tape and then do bounces on the copied tape, knowing that if I messed up I can go back to the original tape.

I used it last night and it clones the tape, there are no options to change the tape type, which would be nice. Maybe one for a future update.

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It seems that when connected to the OP-Z or the original OP-1, audio exchange is no longer possible. Is this the case with the TX-6 as well, and is it a specification?

oh shit taht is not good. has anyone reported this bug to them? i bet it would be a quick patch fix for them.

Lost as in “you lose the settings you had” or lost as in “you lose the ability to use them”?

The latter. The feature seems to be lost.

I’ve already reported it. Anyway feel free to report it more words more pressure :slight_smile:

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For me the mixer levers are still individual per tape.

Shouldn’t mutes, fx, drive also be saved per tape?

So what’s the consensus? Wait ? Or is the bug not a problem?

no i don’t believe that was ever the case. mutes toggle every time you turn on the device and the “master stage” ie fx and gain are always “global”

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So I recalled all mixer settings were saved. I may have been wrong however.
Anyway I don’t get why only mixer levels and panning are saved and EQ/FX/Drive settings are global.

im not 100% sure but i understood that the “master stage” is just a global property of the “architecture” - in their model of the analog architecture this is how the signal flow is. i believe it has always been this way.

Correct, those are master output effects, they’ve never been saved per tape.

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