1st? Yellow flap replacement required


fell asleep and it went for a tumble. Bad karma after my moaning about op-1 price hike. The switch still works but i want a quick alternative/back-up solution. Any ideas?


Oh no :see_no_evil: !!!is the tab just bent off the knob or did the whole thing shift into the unit???


Such a bummer! That switch is my only main gripe with the OP-Z, which is perfectly rectangular in every way except for the switch. I’m always afraid I’m going to break it.

Somebody named /u/Eidra on Reddit is prototyping some replacement knob designs. If you can’t get a replacement from Teenage Engineering, this person might be worth reaching out to.


Thankfully its just the externalflapend thats crooked. Thanks for the link pwenzei!

(btw, that little Omeril clip led lamp came yesterday. £7.99 amazon)



Nice one Flom! They look pretty cool. As much as i dig the original yellow one im thinking of trying to pick up something less plastic. Whats the name of the the fitting that it slips over? Do you think thats a standard piece ie; would i be able to get something via a hardware/electronic components shop? Cause there is no way TE will charge anything less than £10!


They’re amazing! Are you selling them?


these are the ones mentioned in a post above. I dont make these.


in case anyone`s interested in a odd substitute, this has been working really well for me, as bizarre as it seems…

the little rubber stoppers that prevent the metal rail scrapping the radiator


Excellent !


didn`t take a spare on holidays and lost the damn thing. Thankfully a cheap biro is very versatile!