81 Battle – Sample Challenge

I heard a collection of samples and sounds from various sources to build a track from.

Battle 81’s Sample Challenge, as bizarre as it is. 4 tape tracks, just shy of 3 minutes long & several OP-1 Drum Patches ranging from well, drums…to chopped vinyl samples, as well as instrument recordings. magic. details and sounds below.

alternatively, find a Sample Challenge on social media that you want to use for your entry.

if you take this second opportunity, I challenge you to submit your entry both RIGHT HERE, but also in the sample challenge you want to explore. if you take the Social Media route, please post the challenge you intend to try, so others might hear about it as an option.

OP-1 Battle no. 81 Entry Rules:

  1. feature samples from the Sample Challenge in your track, whichever source they come from. duh.
  2. share Sample Challenge source, if from an alternative challenge
  3. use your OP-1 for building your Submission, and Record to Tape / Album
  4. DAW not allowed for tracking or recording purposes, but if you have a mastering workflow for Vibe. EQ, Limiters / Compression…

TE has sold dozens of these OP-1s. who knows what the real number is (besides some peeps at TE, of course). Make your own rules, but still play along.

OP-1 Battle no. 81 Enhancements:

  1. using a supplemental sound source or effect is ok, but this is a Sample Challenge meaning that the sample is what should shine in your submission
  2. multiple submissions encouraged, including from a range of sample challenges
  3. got some real dope samples to share? start a sample challenge of your own and let us know how to get at it
  4. if you win a social media based Sample challenge before this contest concludes, you will get an extra vote in the polling

go ahead and try.

I made this OP1 Album Side A showcasing the Samples


these beats were made for choppin.
so that’s just what’ll I’ll do.
and there isn’t any stoppin.
what am I supposed to do?
opportunity awaits

let’s make this all May long, so we can all stay strong. post Your Entries by June 1st!


Creative! I’m going to start with the samples you posted above. The social media gods haven’t led me astray.

edit: props to you kln for having an OP1 from 20 years in the future! how much does an OP-1 sell for in 2041? :sunglasses:

I found #smackpackvol11challenge from @skibeatz on Instagram.

I made both tracks that were required, but think I was like 2 hours past the deadline for entry posting them to Insta to be a contender. I didn’t notice the 8pm PST part of it being due by 5/14. guess they don’t give any wiggle room, like most battles do. not even a couple hours. lol.

sorry I didn’t post about the opportunity here soon enough. these tracks are not eligible for this battle either.


lol. I just think I’ve ever bothered to set date/time on my OP-1. good luck!

Chopping up that drum beat, I felt for a moment what it might feel like to be kln…

I never know what’s going to come out of these sample challenges … in this case, here is what came out:

Stereo mixing done the old school way: twisting the encoders while the track plays back.

Also on the synths-and-potplants app: Vladimir Chicken on Instagram: “Dust Bowl OP-1 battle 81 . . . . . #sampling #op1 #lofi #vladimirchicken”



new sample challenge I saw today. might try this one this evening.

ok, well. so. here’s how that worked out.

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here’s another Sample Challenge:

anyone else working on a track still?

Yes! I mistakenly thought we had until Saturday! If you’re feeling generous, at least another day or two would be great!


Never mind, i finished just in the nick of time!

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this was a true challenge for me; i did use two synth engine sounds but all the remaining sounds were the samples from the challenge!



all good. and great work for getting it in on time.

I was gonna say let’s extend to end of day Sunday June 5 (HST).

although, if no one else needs it, or says anything by end of day tomorrow June 1st (also HST), I’ll go ahead and pit you fellas against each other in a voting face off.

HST = Hawaiian Standard Time

sound cool?

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I’ll see if I can drop something this afternoon.

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I have an entry. Let me finish it real quick.


ok. so Sunday?
I will do spring traveling

Bon voyage! …So when you get back you’ll post the voting thread, yes?


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yes. back now. sorry for the delay. just kicked off the voting thread.