About track allocation/overdubbing

Hey guys,

I just ordered a OP-1 and this is my first topic on op-forums. I got one question about OP-1, which is the track overdubbing. Since there are only 4 tracks, how do you maximize the efficiency and meanwhile makes it flexible to add more musical elements when inspiration comes?

I have seen some threads that one can do the complete drum part over some bars in 4 tracks and record all them into one track. But I guess most of the time, we just need a basic drum pattern, like bass drum, and you get some idea for synth lead and some bass stuff. This will make the workflow more challenging without a good plan. Do you have any thoughts?

Thanks a lot.

press record.

haha, that’s maybe true…

This is helpful if you haven’t already seen it Tape Track Bouncing Megathread!

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Thanks gianthead. I published my first video…

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