Accessing disc on OP1 field

When I connect to my laptop and open up the folder I can’t see and of my side A and B recordings… is there something new I’m missing or is there a fault … anyone have the same issue… I would really like to work this out asap

I had the old op1 and expected it to be as straightforward :man_facepalming:

are you using the mtp option under shift + com (red option)? i think that’s the only way to access the a/b recordings.

it works natively under linux and windows, on mac you need the field kit app.

here’s what it looks like for me

a/b recordings are stored under the mixdown folder

Life saver I will get the field kit app now … fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


My Mac is too old :man_facepalming: reason I like the op1 is I don’t like laptops etc … shit this is a problem


Exact same for me

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that is rough! i wonder if there’s any chance for a version of the app that supports older macs? if not, they should expose the folders to disk mode.

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It’s totally crap I expected it to be a standalone device like it predecessor yet I need a modern ish computer to export files … I didn’t want to have to get a new MacBook as well … more than pissed off :triumph: also I’m getting static whilst using the usb to clock external modular stuff via a Kendal interface that worked totally fine with the OG 1 … at least now you can record things live without clicks and pops … it’s 80% better 20% worse in my opinion… keys feel cheaper than the original… still my favourite way to record sadly :man_facepalming:

Hopefully some of this gets addressed. A basic usb disk mode for album export would be really nice to have! I have a brand new Mac but I want to go usb-c into my usb-c iPad - nope I’m sure it won’t see the album Mixdown side files because of MTP. :frowning:

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In the SHIFT+COM menu, when you press shift+T4, it activates the regular USB transfer mode. MTP is better, but if you need the storage-device option, it’s still there.


How old is your Mac?

Android File Transfer could be an option instead of the field-kit app.


When you do that the side a b recording is not there it’s just user synth and drum sounds

2013 🫥

Beyond the scope of this forum, but I have an early 2009 iMac, a 2012 Mac mini and a 2012 MacBook Pro all running Monterey - via OpenCore Legacy Patcher. It’s a later that sits between your machine and an unmodified version of macOS and lets you run newer software. This would be an option, you could even run it on an external usb ssd if you wanted to stay on old software for your main OS.

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Hey… work around for you!

Switch to a new tape. Record from ear while playing album.

Track1 will then be a stereo recording of the album, and you can access separate tracks in USB storage mode.

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I’m going to factory reset the Mac and try to find a OS version 11.0 or newer … I hope this is possible… might take it to a Apple Center :man_facepalming:

Please report it to TE support!

Unfortunately no, without MTP you can only access the synth and drum folders on the mac when in disk mode

Ahh, ok.

A 2011 can run at least macOS Big Sur, officially. How to get old versions of macOS - Apple Support