All Patches are saying is :”OP -1 Patch”?

So I’m trying to download patches (from Cuckoo) onto the op1 from my computer. Every time I load them up into the ‘drum, synth or snapshots’ folder and attempt the play them, the only sound I get is “op 1 patch”. I’ve deleted them off the op1 and redownloaded again but it continues saying it. Help please.

Are you playing them on your computer or really on the op1?
Your computer is not the op1, thats why it cannot play a patch of course.

are you putting synth patches into the synth folder, and drum patches in the drum folder?

Synth patch parameters are also audio files, just with the synth parameters packed in metadata or something. So if you open a synth patch in the drum sampler, it probably just plays the audio and ignores the metadata (and the OP-1 uses the “oh pee one preset” sample as a placeholder contents for synth patch files). (I haven’t actually tried this, just speculating)