any arturia beat step users here?

have a couple of questions - as the software editor seems to be available only for owners .
many thanks

I own one, ask away

kewl - cheers bud!
I’m a bit on a mission and am planning on using it with the OT. I’ll start easy
Can you map midi channels individually per pad?
Can you send note as well as CC# at the same time?
thanks in advance!

yes but through software you can map how you want.

can you send notes and CC# from the same pad? I believe you can’t.

The mapping is pretty robust, but notes and CC# is an either/or situation.

cool -thanks guys. exactly the info I was after. well not quite 'cause I was hoping it could send 2 messages at the same time
… is it a fun device?.. or just another controller?

I might be going for a Quneo now.

@tasmansea I’ve watched a few YouTube vids and it has two modes-midi controller and step sequencer with a button for switching modes (and colour). From what I seen you could send both by flicking between,the sequencer was locked to notes and one channel while controller was assignable and multichannel.I thought I remembed him thumping msg’s while the sequencer was still running.Whatch sonic states review.

I have both QuNeo is nice but not a robust. The pads on the BeatStep are more drummable. You also get a sequencer…

It is true that you can have a sequence running (which is sending out notes), and then switch to control mode and hit the pads to send out CC#s. But you can’t just hit a pad in control mode and simultaneously send out both types of messages from the one pad.

And yes, it is a really fun device (especially if you have analog synths). I’m still trying to figure out how to make it fit in well in a strictly hardware setup that includes the OP-1, and have good sync action without using Ableton as the clock. It looks like I’m going to need Oplab or something to tie it all together. But it is 100% worth the $99 for a number of cool reasons.

With the sequencer-can you turn on and off steps while its playing,or do you need to stop first?

I’m trying to do the same thing @wingo. I’ve been able to sync up the volca beats and keys, but I end up getting confused and a tad frustrated. Midi/sync/cv are all new to me. I’ve got the OG iconnectmidi coming in the mail and hoping it smooths things over.

Also, operators, I’ve found a seller on eBay who has a few of the OG icms (new in box). They’re trying to clear them off their inventory so I got a banging deal. Message me for deets.

I wish there was a way to have multiple sequences going at the same time.

With the sequencer-can you turn on and off steps while its playing,or do you need to stop first?

Spheric, you can turn them on and off while the sequence is running, plus, you can change notes with the encoders, change sequence direction (forward, reverse, alternate, and random), change scales, and even octaves, all on the fly.

the beat step was something i really wanted - mainly for its sequencing features and the pads. however, my latest brainfart made me want to turn my OT into an MPC which apparently requires quite the set up on the midi end of things. So I ordered a Quneo (twice the dosh) which seems to have the most advanced editor AND it sends CC and note at the same time which the smart cats on elektronauts told me i would need to have. hope it works…

as for the original iConnect: it’s the shizzle!.. it just works as expected// no xtra knowledge needed at all. mine has a loose part flying around in the casing though

thanks everyone for chiming in - you provided me the info i needed. I still would like to have the sequencer from the beat step though. however it’s footprint and the fact i cant send midi AND CC at the same time made me go for a quneo


I’ve been thinking about getting a beatstep mainly for my microbrute, but also for the op1.

How do you connect it to the OP-1?

@Defectus To connect the beatstep to the OP-1 you need a “host” to go between. Something like a PC or iPad or iConnectMIDI etc…

I’ve been having lots of fun connecting my Beatstep to the OP-1, Microbrute, Volcas, etc. in different combinations using the Oplab. It always takes me a while to figure it out, though. That Oplab is damn confusing.

I’ve been using the Beatstep a lot with the OP-1.

Been using AbletonLive as the external clock and using the beatstep to create lovely sequences on the OP-1.
It also works great with softsynths too.

@Erhenius I have a ipad with a camera connection kit. Do I use a USB hub to have two USB ports to connect the two together?

edit: Also have an irig midi

@defectus, yes, you just need to connect your camera connection kit to a little usb hub if you want to connect two usb/midi controllers.

Connecting them in a particular order is important too.

Sorry to resurrect this dead thread, but I just picked one of these up on ebay and I have a question.
I’m trying to set it up so that the OP-1 is synced with the Beatstep. I would like the transport control and clock from the OP-1 to be sent along to the Beatstep, while the Beatstep plays a sequence for some analog gear. I have this mostly working using an OP-Lab, but now if I play notes on the OP-1 it will also send them as midi to the Beatstep, which in turn sends them to my synth through CV.

I would like to be able to leave a sequence going on the beatstep while adding drums and pads on the OP-1. Currently, entering drum/synth sounds on the OP-1 while the Beatstep is playing interrupts the sequence.

Is there a way to make it so the OP-1 only sends clock and transport information, and not notes?
I haven’t found an Op-lab setting that only passes on clock, but maybe there is something I could do with that user switch?
Is there a mode on the Beatstep that will accept clock, but relies only on itself for notes?

I feel like this should be possible!