Any shipping dates for the new series recieved yet?


Just curious… Ive literally been checking my email every hour. Im not a patient man.


Nothing here… I saw a comment from Tobias on Instagram where he said speak would ship next week and k.o the week after


I haven’t received any word from TE on my order but a writeup on Engadget said they would begin shipping Feb 7th.


On the page for the new POs on TE’s site it says “expected shipping date latest february 1st.” for PO-33. Not sure about the 35 though…?


Yeah, we’ve waitied this long… another week or so wont hurt. Maybe. Lol!


I haven’t heard anything since I ordered either…hoping they will ship this week, but we’ll see


I live in Sweden and my PO-35 is shipping this week, I got a message from the post delivery company that a package from TE is registered.


Received an e-mail right now telling that the PO KO will arrive here next monday (I live in Brazil, shipping from the american warehouse).


I ordered Jan 25th to Finland, haven’t heard anything yet…


I’ve heard nothing yet, in the US, also ordered (KO) the 25th.


My PO-35 shipped yesterday from California and will arrive in NY on Thursday. Can’t wait!


Just got my po 35 today. Haven’t got the time to play with it yet.

Just got my po 35 today. Haven’t got the time to play with it yet.

Where you at?


Got my shipping confirmation overnight. Should be in SLC on Saturday… But having it shipped to my office where I won’t be on Saturday, and FedEx is unable to find my office anyways so it will be another week of wrestling with them to get it delivered (TE tends to have strict shipping terms that make it difficult to re-route packages to local FedEx/Kinkos location).

But it’s on its way!


Did anyone else order both and get tracking? It looks like only 35s are going out now :frowning:


dang, I still haven’t gotten any email (ordered the 25th). I ordered both so could be like you said that only the 35s are shipping so far


I ordered just the PO-35, on the 26th (I’m in TX). No email yet.


Update: just got an email (as of 7pm) that my order has shipped!:slight_smile:

Update: just got an email (as of 7pm) that my order has shipped!:)

Nice! Any update on when it will arrive for you? Im curious also being in TX.


In Utah, my PO-35 is still listed as arriving on Saturday, but FedEx has it in North Salt Lake. And I’m in regular Salt Lake. Hope it doesn’t take three days to actually attempt to get delivered.