anybody use Lemur app? (iMini & iProphet can't get them to work)

yea so i downloaded the lemur app last night. pretty cool, but I can’t get it to connect to iMini or iProphet or Animoog.

i go into the settings in Lemur and send the Midi To: to the above mentioned. no sound.

doing the same thing, i’ve got it to connect to Thor and Cassini.

from what i’ve gathered, it should work w/ these other apps too right?
is it a iOS8 bug thing maybe?

any help would be majorly appreciated.

earlier today i was polaying with iprophet on a friends mini. I couldnt get arpeggionomes midi to be recognized by iprophet. runnin ios 8.1.

Everything seems to work just fine on iOS 7

starting to think its an iOS8 issue. mad ppl over at the arturia forums complaining about iOS8 and audio bus and stuff.

I’m still on iOS 7 and iProphet + iMini don’t work with Lemur, while iSEM, Animoog, iVCS3, Nave and Thor hook up nice and easy. I observed that it’s best if u open Lemur first (it’s not Audiobus-compatible…) then the destination synth then set the MIDI routing in Lemur (doesn’t recognize any destinations automatically…). The other way round (opening synth first then Lemur) I experienced issues like no sound when the synth was controlled by Lemur, no matter how correct the settings were. I’m not sure but all this may have something to do with the latest Lemur update, at least I don’t recall any problems from before the most recent update. Anyways, I mostly use this app to control my analog synths and the OP-1. This weekend a Moog Sub Phatty will be joining my arsenal and I can’t wait to tweak the hell out if it with Lemur and whatever I can. :slight_smile:

Audio Bus and iOS 8 is fucked. iOS8 and Yosemite are both acting really bad for me. First time I’ve experienced notable issues when switching to new OS’s. Nothing game breaking, just have to use stuff a little differently until they get it sorted. Pretty annoying though.

yea def a lil annoying… oh well. i’m better off now, than thinking i was being a tard

now to make some groovy templates

@jooga1972 yea thats how i was coin it. lemur first then synth app second.

Can someone clarify something about editing the app? It’s why i been putting off the purchase.
From what i gather, you don’t need a computer at all unless you want to script custom widgets or behaviors. I’m primarily interested in sequencing. Can i put together a polyphonic sequencer or multiple monophonic sequencers that can send to seperate midi channels? And can i do all this just using the in-app editor and be able to add behaviors per step like note length? Send CCs?
Thanks and sorry sherm…

@ Blipsford_Baubie , sure you can do everything on the iPad, though I would strongly suggest not to, because scripting on the iPad will drive you mad.

Understood. Thanks.

yall know of any good tutorials or resources? was messing w/ some already made templates to see how they are put together but its more complicated than i thought it would be. fiddlesticks!

hehe, making some cool lemur templates!

some push style pad / step sequencers.
and an OP1 Midi LFO thingggy i whipped up tonight

this shit is FUN

Where can I download the template? looks bloody awesome

@docshermsticks nice job on the templates. If it plays nicely with the op-1, I too would like to download them! Personally, I don’t really get how to make the custom plates, but maybe I’ll give it another go sometime. ( any tips would be appreciated)

still working on adding a few things!

it will definatley work w/ the op1. as u notice there are 24 pads to 24 op1 keys.
and the midi LFO page that i whipped up, will default to the OP1 Midi LFO settings (CC 1 - 4), but u can change them to any CC.

@kites i feel u man. i spent the first few days in a haze. didn’t think i was gunna be able to do it, but then something clicked over.
u gotta reference the manual like 8 billion times. lol

i think the key is finding an already made template that at least somewhat serves your interests in what u wanna build (the factory ones can be good for this, DL from the Liine User Library so u can load them up into the editor). then just tracing it & reverse engineering that shit until u understand the scripting & whats going on. at least vaguely enough. the manual is great for telling u what the commands are, and what some of the stuff does.

thats what i did at least. copy & paste is your friend. u don’t have to build everything from scratch. its sometimes easier to take pieces and modify them.


@docshermsticks nice job! Would like to check it out.
I’m also building a sequencer, that I’m aiming to make very versatile and dedicated to live performing. @kites making custom templates is just like making music in the sense that the more experienced you get the more complex stuff you can do. But making your own basic workspace (and therefore workflow) is not that hard.

Yo @docshermsticks

since you have been creating this template, is it possible to program keys that send a particular frequency over midi?

awesome @clawsome! yea its pretty neat when u start to open it up.

spent the weekend making some tweaks added some pitch benders, and a pseudo way to play a volca sample part chromatically or in scale using the speed CC parameter and some math and charts that i made. (since the pitch doesn't respond to midi notes). i gotta test it out some more. i've added a bunch of stuff since i've posted last. drone box, pattern banks, i even hacked a way to send midi clock out from lemur. hope to share w/ yall soon.

@erhenius u can have pretty much anything send midi notes 0 -127. not sure about inbetween frequencies if thats what you're getting at? but yea its def possible! i set my pads up to be dynamic depending on what root, octave and scale you set them in the boxes in the bottom right. its neat so u don't have to keep diving into the editor to change things.


Jammin on the volcas knobs is a bit fiddly(random.) a keyboard would be most excellent! Excited for that share i am!