Anyone doing vocals with OP1?

Maybe I have not been looking hard enough, but I have not found any OP1 vocal tracks, by that I mean where vocals are the main component or even the sole component. Also I’m rather surprised at the (apparent?) lack of rappers using the OP1, it strikes me that the OP1 would be the perfect hip-hop/rap machine.

So anyone got anything with vocals where they were recorded on the OP1?

I like overdub or record on separate tracks the same vocal thing. When it’s all layered together I can end up sounding like an old soul singer. I use that a lot. Op-1 can make any kind of music but I’m surprised there isn’t more rappers…

Vocals are one of the main things I do on the OP-1. I really like the mic I like to sketch out songs on Tape and try out different vocal arrangements/harmonies. I agree, rappers and hip-hop artists could find a home with the OP-1.

I use vocals in almost every track I produce.
Here’s two where it is prevalent and are 100% OP-1 (sound source and vocals) running into an RC-505

@Drio you’re a liar, ain’t nobody got a working mic in their OP-1.

OKay, I’ll stop my good-natured, non-malicious trolling lol…

One or two of my battle entries have op-1 recorded vocals (external mic)

@Drio you're a liar, ain't nobody got a working mic in their OP-1.

I use the Telepathasampler to import all my vocals.

^im so afraid to use the internal mic anymore./ im on my third one.

^Same here, really not happy about it either.

Nice tracks peeps!

I did a cover for one of our battles. It was really hard because I wanted subtle effects on the vocals and resorted to recording bits of tape under 12 seconds into the drum sampler over and over again until they sounded acceptable.

I did a cover for one of our battles.

Dude that is super badass. You did the song justice. I’m not even a New Order fan per se, but that is one of my fav tunes of all time. I think because it turned me on to synths and drum machines as a youth in the '80s (I am old).

Am I missing something here. Is the only way to apply effect on vocals is to record it to tape -> apply mastereffect and record it to the record -> and then record the record to tape again?

@Lymtronics - brilliant cover man! Did you use samples for some of the sounds or synth engines only? Either way that is one of the best cover versions I have heard, the fact that you did it on the OP-1 is icing on the cake :slight_smile:

What external mics are people liking with the OP-1? Someone mentioned the Zoom H1 months ago and so I snagged one cheap during Black Friday, but have yet to try it with the OP.

@darenager The drums are all stock OP-1 stuff. The only sample I used is the choir sound from Kraftwerk’s Radioactivity album just as New Order did.

It’s a shame so many people have had issues with their kids, because it really can sound decent.

My Duran Duran Cover for the Battles, but I sang thru my Kaosspadmini directly into the OP-1, so it sounds as if I was standing on the Eiffeltower together with Roger Moore with all thebackground noise, it’s really cool for lyrics imo:

I have a question regarding the internal mic (mine is not broken…yet?).
Today I wanted to record a short sketch of a guitar melody, using the internal microphone for the first time.
I turned the gain in the input section all the way up to +20 (Because I was not close to the op-1).
After my recording i noticed loud, almost rhythmical artifacts while listening to the recorded sketch.

Has anyone else had this experience?

Kind regards


@masterofstuff124 These artifacts are not appearing if the internal mic is used to record into the sampler engine. So maybe it is a software issue which could be fixed in future OS updates…
Good to know my internal mic is not broken. I almost got a little heart attack :smiley:

track with vocals =)