Anyone have any type of feelings on

Jeremy (RMR), Cuckoo, et al have all suggested adding your own samples, patches, etc. Can one add their own synth engines too? If so, what is the best resource for any, some, or all of these items?

I found and am wondering if anyone has any input on it?

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I’ve downloaded some sample packs from there, and contributed the sample pack I made of my wife’s Andes lap organ thing. It’s a fun site for getting samples, although it’s been a while since I used it.

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OP fun is dope af. That’s all I got…lol


it’s a cool site. not much else to say really. use it.


Thanks for the feedback on So let me ask another related question to downloading patches. If I download and install patches onto my OP-1, do these additional patches show up in the submenu (green text) of each synth engine, and or drum sampler?

Yes I am a new user and learning. I am reading through the manual and watching videos but very much a beginner. Thank you for your patience.

They will not show up in the preset folders. Instead you can create folders and organize your patches and samples as you see fit.

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@kingof9x, then where do your added samples show up? How do you access them on your OP-1 for example? What would the path be?

Anything you sample, or save with the op-1 it self will be in the snapshot folder. You can create your own folder for adding or organizing samples or synth presets. So the path can be whatever you want.

Here is a link to the section of the manual that covers the file structure for further details.