Aphex Gear List


Holy shit. Lol

Can’t read any of it but it looks like a lot of stuff.

Read an interview recently (talking about his forthcoming album Syro) where he mentioned a newly-aquired Swedish-made Synth, sampler, drum machine, I did wonder if he was referring to an OP1…

I think he mentioned the device being analogue,so I thought it was the rytm from Elekton. They also retweeted it. I think he said it was the only thing he had in a hotel at the time. Pretty impressive for a drum machine if he was talking about the rytm. I did prefer to think it was the OP-1 at first, though.


Yes of course you are right - I had forgotten that he mentioned the device being analogue…

I could imagine him putting an OP-1 to great use :slight_smile:

@Trash I wish everyone had an op1. I think even my guitarist fiends would love using it for the tape alone.

^ It’s elektron gear that he’s acquired not an OP-1 sadly.

but elektron is not listed…

Elektron isn’t listed because this is the gear used in his new album and think the Elektron pieces are all too recent.


plus he mentioned that he couldn’t use it on the train because he didn’t have a power port. We all know the op1 doesn’t need no stinkin power!

No 303???


Maybe he was only making a list of all his stuff and then he found it funny to put it on the list ; ) Used to love to read his interviews. I heard the new record (vinyl) costs € 300,- Is that true?

There is a limited edition vinyl thats very expensive - $400

They is a 200 pressing version which is $400

Can we find a higher res image of the list somewhere? It’s very cool graphically too.

I don’t know about high res, but someone wrote out the entire list here.

I don't know about high res, but someone wrote out the entire list here.
Sweet thanks for that.

Showoff :wink: And yet the first single still sounds like a sketch. Perhaps he didn’t have time playing it right due to inspecting all his gear? Nah… I’ll keep my mouth shut. I’m as excited as anyone about the new album. The rhythmical programming of the single is still really great…