Audio Interface....I can dream

What would be really cool was if TE could have the op-1 function as an audio interface over usb. The audiomux app on my iPhone does this for my phone. I wonder if it’s even possible. Probably not. Would be perfect though- one less box to deal with

Not possible due to hardware.

I know I’m just daydreaming. Maybe their next similar product…

That didn’t age well :smile:

Well, it was what TE told me.


Oh, I know. It reminds me of back in 2005 when I asked the developers of FL Studio if it would ever be ported to Mac. Their answer was “when hell freezes over.” Now there’s a Mac version.

LOL I like how you came back to reply 6 years later :slight_smile:


Only he who never mistakes could blame you :slight_smile: (and it definitely cannot be me)
Oh and… Lets put together that today I ask: “Could TE improve audio over USB by making it possible to send all 4 tracks separately to 4 different tracks in our favorite DAW.”,
May you answer “Not possible due to hardware”, and MAGIC, the feature comes true some time later!

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