Battle 24

Time for the next battle. Glad most of us made it to our new home here, so let’s continue with our beautiful tradition.

This time we will keep things simple and get closer to spirit of our earliest battles on ohpeewon.

-Below is a link to two OP-1 drumkits which may be used in the battle. “James_steam” contains two classic drum breaks, “bt_nd” contains a classic drum break with a few synthesized kicks and claps to embellish the acoustic sounds. The kits are not assembled in any particular way other than that the first key gives a full preview of the segment when held down. The rest is up to you. Make your slices, adjust pitch, reverse segments, whatever.

-Entries may contain only ONE synth engine. The choice is yours to make, but it is final. You may include as many patches as you want with this one engine, but if you start with- for instance- FM, you must use it exclusively. Oh, and you have to tell us which one it is.

-The song should mention the name of your city or town, or a landmark within your locale that is recorded from the FM tuner. Traffic and weather reports are a simple way to grab these snippets, or you can get more creative if possible. If you lived in Paris, for example, a voice saying either ‘Paris’ or something about ‘la tour Eiffel’ would meet this requirement. If you are vacationing, grab something where you are. If you are in a smaller town that doesn’t get mentioned on the radio, go for the next one over.

-All effects and resampling are available for this battle.

-Entries due Monday, August 4th.

Here is the link for the kits:

I tried uploading the .aif files directly to the discussion, but was informed they are not an acceptable file type. If there is something I overlooked I would be glad to add them if possible.

I hope the rules don’t seem too simplistic. I just wanted to keep things nice and easy for the first battle in our new home to give everyone a chance to participate.

I think there’s an 8MB limit on the attachment plugin. maybe try zipping the files up first?

To be clear
drums are from the samples
the rest from only one engine
Must record a city or location from you local.

Man I can see people sitting there listening to the radio and going “fuck!” every time they miss something they could have recorded that mentions where they are lol…

Now this is my kind of battle!! A drum break means only one thing :wink:

Great rules! I especially like the radio bit! So, just one radio recording allowed, containing the name of the location, right?

Great rules!

Did you try zipping the file first @lymtronics? It worked for the samples I uploaded this week.

@vehka The point of the radio sample is to identify your location. I think if there’s a sentence that mentions a city or monument, other words in it could be used. Multiple city mentions or different places in the city can be used. I just don’t want to give free reign with the radio for capturing musical passages.

I’ll have to try zipping later when I am near my home computer again.

Got it!

have to Announce this as “in Battles and Recent” or it’ll still fall to the bottom hehe.


Great rules! :slight_smile: As I live in the town where Brazil just lost from 7x1 to Germany in the World Cup, I´ll try to grab some soccer samples from the game and make a really SAD beat :stuck_out_tongue:

Great rules! :) As I live in the town where Brazil just lost from 7x1 to Germany in the World Cup, I´ll try to grab some soccer samples from the game and make a really SAD beat :P

I didn’t think Brazilians could be sad! I dare you to make a sad song!

I find Brazil awesome!

Lym can we create a sample bank and use a synth patch?

I’m not sure what you mean about a sample bank. All kinds of resampling are ok. You can drop the full samples to tape and lift six second increments to the synth sampler. You could have five different versions of the same kit or patch with slight variations. You could make a full drum kit just consisting of different snare samples. Even dumping individual hits with different effects to tape and then lifting it all back into a new kit is fine.

Also: has anyone gotten the samples from the link successfully? I still haven’t been home to try zipping it and attaching it to this discussion.

so for our engine we can make a bunch of waves and cut them up playing around with the synth engine

what can we do to the drum samples before the go into OP-1?

I dl’d the samples last night, they work all right on the op-1,so no worries @lymtronics!