Battle 27

Time for a new battle!

As much as I love the ridiculously restrictive battles, I’m going to carry on the fairly open theme. Here are the rules:

  1. I would like to infuse a middle eastern feel to this battle, so you are allowed to sample any material you find from the singer Fairuz on youtube. No other external sampling allowed.
  2. I’ve also prepared a drumkit for you to use: Op-1 drumkit of tape saturated MachineDrum sounds by - yoof - | Free Listening on SoundCloud (download enabled)
    It features a bunch of sounds I made on the MachineDrum and then recorded hot to tape before bringing back into the digital world. (This process has made me realise there are two things I desperately need in my life: (1) a handheld recorder such as the Zoom H5; and (2) an old walkman that can record).
    Anyways, drums must come from the stock kit “Traps” and/or my “MDTAPE” kit above.
  3. You are only allowed to use 3 types of effects throughout your track. Eg, Delay, CWO, Phone. So choose carefully :wink: Tell us which ones you’ve chosen when you submit your track.
  4. All synth engines are allowed.
  5. Resampling through the sample engines is allowed (encouraged!).
  6. No external processing or mastering is allowed. Just bounce to album and submit :slight_smile:
Let’s aim to have submissions in by midnight on 31st October.

Cool. Like the ghostly submission date.

I have a couple old Walkmen that record. One of them even has an analogue dial for the tape speed. I got one for $.99 at a thrift store.

Wow, dunno why I didn’t start following you sooner. That’s some smooth broken beat type D&B you got going on there @yoof

For the Middle East spirit, check “Soap Kills” from Beirut. The beautiful voice is still active, her name is Yasmine Hamadan.

Ah cheers @Blipsford_baubie! Yes definitely been trying to feel my way around that genre. Lots of fun.

@Lymtronics, boot sales are the way to do it eh. I’ve been looking on ebay where they seem to go for a fair bit!

Nice one @LyingDalai. Looking forward to checking that out.

The Sony Walkman D6C is about the pinnacle of portable cassette recording as I recall, @yoof - but good luck finding one in good shape that isn’t $200+ =/

Haha, yeah that model rings a bell @KrisM. Crazy expensive eh. Sony, please release one! (Who am I kidding).


Best D6C ever!

I’ve been listening to the Acid Arab sound lately, so this should be fun!

@yoof, so any Middle Eastern is acceptable? and is Indian ok?

No, only Fairuz! She’s an Lebenese singer… a total legend! There’s loads of her material on youtube. My favourite is a song called “Adesh Kan Fi Nas”:

Fairouz - Adesh Kan Finas / فيروز - أديش كان في ن…:

got it!

Cool, that are the rules I need, first I thought midwest, but middle eastern sounds more interesting to me!!!

very cool, hopefully I can get around to a battle this month, still yet to submit one! @lymtronics I have a Sony walkman that records, but the motors or something is weak. I’ve been tempted to pull it apart, but love that thing.

So, just to clarify, dbox is verboten? All drums from one of the drumkits?

Ja, verboten!!

btw Fairouz totally rules

: ) lol @vehka @yoof

I managed with AudioShare, hence the logo, i can’t change the image from here.

Hey @Blipsford_Baubie, glad you managed to get it uploaded. With the new site it should just be a matter of pasting the link (not the embed code) directly into the post.