Battle 29 "the one-note song"

So here we are, battle 29… The one note song!

1. Sample one note of you’re favorite sound.

This can be you’re guitar, TB 303, glockenspiel, accordeon.. whatever makes you tick. Than put this one note in the “synth” and/or "drum" section and let it rip on keyboard, sequencer, etc. You can use everything to record this note for high quality reasons.

2. You can use all the internal effects, copy-paste-cut and tape tricks to shape this one note in new sounds you can use. Creativity is your friend.

3. So only this one note and mutations are allowed.. no internal synths and kits (sorry guys!)

4. Use the OP-1 itself for mastering and recording the final thing.

5. Use a painting as an inspiration for your ambience/composition. (painting also includes graffiti, comix and illustration)

6. The song title has to be inspired on the painting of choice.

I've did some effects experimentation yesterday to see if the rules are reasonable.. and they are with lots of creativity, tape tricks, copy paste in the sample section of "synth", etc..

It's all about just having fun but if you get stuck in process.. think of this: "What would John Cage do?"

I mean.. the guy made a song of 4.33 with silence.

Hope you dig the rules! I think it's just cool to make an entire song out of 1 note :)

4 januari is the day.

Excellent rules! Can’t wait to begin. =)

Woo hooooo, this is my kind of battle :wink:

Couple of questions…

(1) Is bouncing to album and back to tape allowed, eg to further resample tape tricks?

(2) Even though it’s just one sampled note, we’re still allowed to use melody right? Eg, by dropping into synth sampler amd playing up and down the keyboard.

Fab rules!

Nice you guys like 'em!

@yoof: yes on the 2 questions.

You can make drumkits, melodies, chords, everything out of this one note.. and all trickery within the OP-1 is legit.

Awesome :slight_smile:

This will be interesting, good one!

I looooove these rules. This is gonna be interesting. Thanks @moedars!

my sample was of a scream - lots of processing and resampling later and this was the result

That was fast!

That was VERY fast!
Great rules. Hopefully will grab some time over the xmas holidays to get a submission in!

typically and unfortunately i don’t have very much time to devote to this so if it doesn’t gel in a couple hours then it doesn’t get done - also i’ll be in los angeles with the in-laws for two weeks (hence the scream) so i probably wouldn’t get a chance to do this

I just joined the forum :slight_smile:
Started yesterday with the track (water bottle hit with pocket knife)
I thought it could be a good idea too to make a video with the phone or whatever to show the process, effects, etc
greetings from upper California.

@Servando cool man! “water bottle hit with pocket knife” should have great potential :slight_smile:

really curious what will come out all y’all.

Before I submit, one question. I have a single note from Mitosynth, but it’s a multi-sample stock preset note. Is that allowed?

This will be my first entry. Was on a roll last night using the classic “Ahhh” sample used to gauge a skratch djs skills.

@Unflattered It’s more to your own judgement, I think… If you think it’s legit, it’s legit.

Such a cool idea for a battle! so I sampled a note from my Shruthi-1 then used nitro, cwo, and delay- and here it is:

Really lovely, @overseas_territory! Love all the warpy tape sounds. And beautiful accompaning artwork!

@overseas_territory Great track :slight_smile: I’m liking this battle.

Trying to get something going…

Thanks! The art is a Van Gogh painting I like as per rule #5