Battle 30 "Delay"

Ok here we go!
Since “DELAY” is my favorite op-1 effect I thought I would feature it in the battle-
The rules are pretty straight forward:

  • Use delay(a little or a lot) on all 4 tracks ( and the master fx if you dare) no other fx are allowed

  • All internal synths and drum kits are allowed

  • Record and mix everything on the op-1 ( as usual )

  • Maybe use differnt delay speeds on your tracks to create cool rythms/ textures

Songs in by February 3rd
Let’s hear some crazy spaced out tracks!

With “internal drum kits” you mean the sample kits that came with the op-1?

Yes but you can tweak them of course

can other FX be used to tweak/design internal sounds prior to being recorded to Tape, including saving out patches of effected sounds/drums…ums?

it’s clear that when recording to Tape we can only use Delay, based on these rules…rules…ules…es.

how about Master FX when bouncing to Album, just Delay…lay…ay?

@kln no just delay lay ay…lol
But drive and panning is ok

great. i’ll get right on that then…well, in a few days maybe.

Byebye Spring! Byebye CWO… CWO… cwo… cwo…

What about EQ? That’s not really an effect… effect… effect… ?

Nice !
I love this idea :slight_smile:

trippy, trippy, trippy, trippy . . .

Haha what an awesome idea!!! This is gonna get crazy spacey…spacey…acey…ecy…

@ yoof EQ is all good

Are external samples permitted?

Think so…

@unflattered yeah we’ll allow samples to keep it interesting

Really really cool @Servando – you set the bar high right from the get-go :slight_smile:

My first battle entry and my first complete track made on the OP-1…


very nice, i like it!

Yeah, cool Songs by both of you, enjoyed!

well this one turned out weird even by my standards - it was a fun battle and i learned a lot - i was surprised at the textures that it’s possible to coax out of the delay effect