Battle 31: Telephone-cwo

Since I like to explore the strangest or less frequently used features in the machines…

-Use telephone or Cwo or both in every track (optionally in Master but other fx are allowed here.)
-resampling / sampling allowed and encouraged
-mix and master in the op-1

to be finished before 1st of March.

Haha this is gona be awesome! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: gonna be fun getting into phone

Nice! This is going to be fun :smiley: Love both CWO and Telephone.

Less used? I used Phone all over the place lol… CWO not so much. Not sure if I’ll have a lot of time for this one either =/

@KrisM I think @Servando means that he personally ‘neglected’ these two effects and wants to understand what their all about. :slight_smile:

Any restrictions regarding sampling? Is sampling from external gear such as a drum machine allowed, or should we be limited to internally generated sounds?

@Lymtronics, no restrictions regarding Sampling.
@Marijn. Actually I have used Cwo to create galactic drumsets and in the master to do crazy breaks but until now I never used telephone in one of the songs, though I like the “random” non-repetitive glitchy behavior it has.
@KrisM. Curious to hear what you will do ; )

good luck and inspiration!

I’m with you on phone, @servando… I don’t think I ever successfully used it in a track. CWO on the other hand, I pretty much OVER-use that thing! (Tip for CWO @servando, try slowly modulating the green paramater over low values with subtle values for blue and white, and red to taste - gives things a phase like sheen)

I usually find that the phone is really helpful to make drums a bit more alive, I like it for this particular use.
Never tried to cook it the way I did with delay for the previous battle, so far.
And I can’t say I master CWO, far from it ! So : good ideas @Servando !

I haven’t done one of these battles for a long time… I forget… do we post entries in this thread?

That’s right @sammyjams.

Looking forward to exploiting the “no restrictions on sampling” rule :slight_smile:

So are other effects allowed also, or just on the master?

@Jiggity. Other effects are allowed too as long as you use cwo or telephone in the track too.

Keep in mind that Cwo can do delay apart from Phaser effect.

@yoof. Never modulated cwo!. Turning on my op-1 in 3,2,…

Well here goes my entry. This battle was easy, I use those 2 effects ALL the time!

Ahah we’re definitely on @Sammyjams playground ! Best first entry ever !!

Ahah we're definitely on @Sammyjams playground ! Best first entry ever !! :D

@lyingdalai thanks man!

@sammyjams Fucking hell, that is one juicy groove you have going there. This is the first battle i wanted to enter, but you set the bar crazy high, man!

Never done a battle before, do we win the rights to the next battle decision if we win?

@sammyjams sick! That’s some tasty chillwave, nu disco beats.