Battle 31 Voting

Battle-31 Telephone &+/ Cwo in every track. (edited poll, sorry about that)

My vote goes to @wi_ngo with @HelloOperator a close 2nd. Great entries by all really enjoyed listening

Hi People!,
the track 00:18 from aeoner has been added to the playlist. If everybody agrees, I delete the poll and create a new one, if not, eventual feedback on the track could be appreciated…
Sorry for posting the poll too soon… I’m looking forward to the next battle!
My vote & eventual fb will come soon, when I can be alone just with speakers.

@Servando and everyone, I´m deeply sorry for the delay and for messing the poll :frowning:

@sammyjams and other people that voted before, please vote again, sorry!

when is the deadline for voting?

i like to enjoy the tracks a few times over, so wonder when i need to make my final decision on which to vote for.

first impression is one thing, but i like to see how a track sits with me over time. sometimes a second or third listen is what compels me to vote for one or another.

like when you hear a Pop song that you initially don’t notice or even don’t like that much…but then after hearing it enough times you can’t get it out of your head and it becomes a guilty pleasure.

in any case, should we conclude that 3/9 is the deadline after the poll refactoring? since the typical voting deadline is roughly a week.

i’d like to get a few listens in. :slight_smile:

@djabrail that’s a nice song, man! got my vote…

houdoe! :slight_smile: (local dutch goodbye greeting)

@kln, let´s say by monday 9th at night. is it ok?. It´s my first time moderating so I´m making some novice mistakes…
I totally agree about the timing needed for a proper listening…

sounds good to me and it’s no problem at all. thanks for confirming a date and for hosting/moderating. the tracks all came out quite nicely.

fwiw, i am quite happy that aeoner’s track is in the running, and we added it for consideration. only problem is that it makes it that much harder to decide which to vote for.

Had my first proper listen through all the tracks. Some corkers in there as usual!

@djabrail that's a nice song, man! got my vote..

houdoe! :) (local dutch goodbye greeting)

Agreed! 1984 got my vote as well :slight_smile:

Thanks @moedars and @HelloOperator, though I think its a little too repetitive. It is based mainly on live improvisation. I am thinking to make a proper song out of it sometime in the future.

As for my vote, I haven’t decided yet. Have to have a proper listen to the songs

I’m surprised more didn’t vote for @kln ,it jus sounded so complete I had to vote. I like to vote after jus one listen as to not complicate my decision making. Like I was in a record shop and had to put my money down there and then.I like that song -solid.

Voting done, it wasn’t easy to choose!
now here some feedback:

@Sammyjams- Nice powerful & clean production!

@marijn- Loved the random glitch character and the powerful bass, I missed some “Kompakt” style drums in there though…

@HelloOperator. Really liked your track, reminds me a lot to some tracks from Herbaliser

@Sj gambler. Funny that your track lasts 3:03 and it has some nice rubberish tb-303 character… What synth did you used for the the theme/ bassline?

@kln Powerful beats and beautiful voice…

@aeoner. Nice, soft and with a nice taste of vinyl in the beats.

Looking forward to the next battle!

Nice battle @Servando ,had me playin more with phone and cwo -and learning some more tips from you guys.

@sammyjams - you are the funkmaster general - foot-tappingly good
@ruslan - loved the juxtaposition of old-school analog and modern bit-crushed sounds
@marijn - like tuning a psychic radio to a station that’s just out of reach - wonderfully disorienting track
@jakealstad - i was thinking where’s that cwo and then it it me pwo
@hellooperator - dig the chic 70s groove
@wi_ngo - really enjoyed this track - the variety of textures and ideas the in-yer-face production and above all the humor- very creative
@servando - old-school sensibilities get a very modern treatment
@sjgambler - neat catchy hook
@dj_kln - a characteristically slick track - liked the use of vocal and acoustic samples
@overseas_territory - dubby trippy you know i’m a fan
@aeoner - liked the contrast between the drifting melody and driving rhythm
great tracks as always amazing variety - voting for @wi_ngo your track really got my attention on this round

I fond it
difficult to vote, because different tracks excel at different things.
Some are very interesting melodically, others excel at using the effects, and some have extremely professional overall feel (including mastering, cleanness, sounds, etc).

Anyway, I voted for Ruslan a bit earlier. Really interesting combination of familiar “modern” sounds with weirdness of OP-1 effects.

@Servando The melodic synth was Phase with Phone working as a sub-oscillator. That was my main find during this battle. The shroomy, evolving thing was Pulse with CWO (which makes it double-CWOd, since I also run CWO in master effect slot).

Great songs from everyone! My vote goes to @wingo

@Spheric_El - I appreciate your enthusiasm for my track. (I really like it as well, ha!)

i’ve been trying my luck at these battles, but really to win or lose doesn’t matter to me…since just participating has made my own OP-1 production skills elevate in unexpected ways. i’m so glad I decided to go for it (back at b25).

each time I feel like I make a compelling track, but each time there are so many other good entries that I feel humbled as well. I do feel that i’ve grown incredibly in the past 6 months in terms of the thought that goes into a track, and the process I put myself through, adhering to the boundaries that are the rule set.

(not that it wouldn’t be nice to get some validation by getting a bunch of votes on a battle track…and being able to set the next rules and seeing what folks do with it, also really intrigues me).

it would be cool if the forum community here would vote more in general and provide feedback. I thought I saw at one point there were 200 or even 300 members (in a posting at some point). I think the max number of votes was around 24. it seems that many more “listens”, than “listens + votes” occur.

PSA: vote people!

my vote and commentary are forthcoming.

Yes setting the rules would be fun to watch and you do inspire me more to try and get it together for a battle ,regardless of my position potential (-or actual standard of track-as long as I’m above 50% ability).I learn and I’m inspired with out entering.