Battle 32 Voting

Great entries everybody! Voting polls are officially open. Polls will
close on 4/1 at 11:59pm US CST. I’m not sure who admins the Battles
Soundcloud page to get the playlist going, so I’ll just post the links
to each entry in another post below. Mods, please make this an
“announcement”. Good job and good luck all!

Voted !

Gentlemen, if you please could make your tracks downloadable, I could get them on my laptop :slight_smile:

@Marijn, your track really shows PO-12 signature, and it’s kinda haunted. I like it that it’s really beat oriented, with my track I kept for a long time two times the same track with different FX modulation for right and left, I hesitated to let it like this. Is it your voice that we hear in the background ?
@HelloOperator : I loved your track, it’s really good. I cannot give you my vote cause somehow I don’t see it fit in a Pocket Battle. I mean, there’s more Ghost Dog than PO in this one. Very decent track, yet, I listen to it every day !
@DJ_KLN I found your track quite subtle. It surprised me that you dropped your usual voice mangling tricks, but I felt this was a good idea, cause it kept the room free for the silver notes and the spaced drums :slight_smile:
@Eucci I don’t really get it how you manage to get your panning effects, after all it’s one of the big weakness of the OP-1. But this sounds mangling are interesting. The very end is promising, I found it frustrating to cut it like this.
@aeoner Why the hell is this 2:48 track called 1:32 ?
@Wingo you got my vote, your groove is infectious, the starting is so cool, and I like your melody. I would have liked to see it back in the end :slight_smile:

[OK, I don’t know where the rest of my comment went, but I feel too tired to type it again.]

Very good tracks everyone !
I’m rather satisfied with mine, I feel I’m progressively improving my skills with these battles (even if I cannot make it in the end).
The POs are a gold mine, I love it how it’s easy to compose on them.
I look forward to overcome the limitations by plugging them on the OT or, like this, with the OP-1.
I have soooo much fun with them !

@LyingDalai I name my beats with the hour that I finish them :slight_smile:

@aeoner I thought of this but as your track was posted at 5am I was unsure ^^

@LyingDalai thanks, man! Honestly my intent was to bring that part back, but sort of got off track at the end of the take when recording it to album. But I liked the way the intro worked so much, I just kept it. :slight_smile:

@Lying Dalay I live in Brazil (UTC -3:00) and took me some time to upload :slight_smile:

I wish my life these days lended itself to battle just to have my name in the ranks of these great pieces. congradulations to everyone the were all great in they own right. the one I returned to was PO+OP Awesome head bob music.

@Eucci I don't really get it how you manage to get your panning effects, after all it's one of the big weakness of the OP-1. But this sounds mangling are interesting. The very end is promising, I found it frustrating to cut it like this.

The cut was unexpected, a bad side effect of playing with the Tape like I was. I was working a lot of things backwards and forwards in both recording (on tracks 3 and 4) and playback as I was cutting it to album. And a side effect of playing the tape backwards is that when it hits 0:00, it's a hard stop, and I realized too late it was about to hit that mark and didn't flip it around in time. :)

I honestly thought the piece was just a rough half-experiment/half-joke that came out of a failed attempt to make something more 'normal' for the battle. I grew to love it as it stood and it ended up being the rug that tied a small EP together. It's also become a bit of a tribute to my dog who suddenly passed away this week. We had a nice long springtime walk Sunday morning while listening to this piece and I think it fits her favorite activity: lying in the sunshine on the patio. (Not telling this story for sympathy votes, but it further cements the rough edit becoming the final cut).

As for the stereo effects, I think I just lucked out with the source material/tracks blending together well while being unique enough to go left/right. I think that track 2 (PO-16 played as OP-1 synth-sample) and Track 3 (PO-16 patterns recorded straight to tape at a different speed) played well off of each other and created a nice spread. And then hitting the (gas? brakes?) on Nitro as a master effect so it was doing envelope following seemed to create some dizzying stereo effects which was beautifully unexpected. :) (Plus I have a long history of doing stupid stereo tricks like this from mono sources) (Man I love the OP-1's tape feature. Takes me back to the good old days but with a lot of nice conveniences and less mess).

All were fun to listen to, here are some that stood out to me:

@servando funny hook. A nice light track.
@wingo, I loved the intro. sounds like Clark. The second part, not doing it for me. but still cool overall.
@dj_KLN, nice dubby vibe.
@aeoner, really like the mood of this one.

I think my entry is too strange and experimental to get votes :wink:

Wish I hadn’t used the harsh hats throughout - it’d have made it easier listening.

I don’t know, mine is not experimental at all and don’t get much voting neither ^^

I guess there are very different tastes within this forum. I like this :slight_smile:

I don't know, mine is not experimental at all and don't get much voting neither ^^
I guess there are very different tastes within this forum. I like this :)

I voted for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Sammyjams ! I’m happy you liked it, that’s true that the place where you placed your comment on Soundcloud is rather close from your own style :slight_smile:

I bet your close second was HelloOperator !

And I’d bet DJ KLN will vote for Wingo : there was something very KLN-ish in his track, I found.

Well, It was hard to finish my beat. Loads of scrapping and erasing, the Youtube samples were much loaded of stuff :/ The good news: my PO´s are coming next week :) After all, didn´t liked my beat very much - but we had really solid entries!

loved the bassline and the sirens. Rave feelings.
@helloOperator the scratches are fucking cool, great beat, nice acapella choice.
@Servando like the "Teenage Enginnering" vibe of that one. Really feels like an OP-1/PO joint.
@wi_ngo great drums: liked the reverb, the breaks, the crispy sound. Solid beat!
@Lying Dalai Great programming! The drums are hot. Liked the voice in the end.
@Marijn sounds very PO-ish, which is great. Liked also the subtle details, the voice (?).
@locke another one that sound very "Teenage Engineering" oriented, which is pretty cool.
@dj_KLN Nice beat, the sub bass remember me of the good Tempa stuff (I´m really into that early dubstep and it´s a shame what it became).
@spacetravelmadeeasy loved the voice sampling chopping and the texture of the beat.

Hard choice between @helloOperator, @Lying Dalai and @dj_KLN. As I was really impressed by the bass, I will stay with @dj_KLN.

all tracks in this battle have intriguing or astonishing qualities, or both.

@calicaux - use of filters and consequential grit and grime amusing and artistic. i’m not sure what the “gurl” wants, but if it’s a tweaked out track that she can shake her thang too, you have delivered. there’s a number of artists that i respect and have 12” vinyl sounds similar in stature to your melodic endeavors. please continue to indulge us with your skills, and next time push us off the cliff into abysmal filtered madness that can be admired by all booty smattering enthusiasts. dude, 2:22 feels like not quite enough. your filtering skills can lead us beyond the quip and into the quintessential. tone-loc your shit and make that “gurl" your wild thang.

@hellooperator - jump off and wreck shOP-1. i thought you hailed from a peaceful little town in the UK, but obviously can get down down on some east coast styles. the anticipation killed me…since you dropped it early on. i was waiting for a full-on extended banger to be swapped out in the cloud. can’t miss with the Wu, f’real. shit is raw indeed. 1:42 though? need more hook-up…especially after your last jam (battle 31). so whatever man… wanted to hear the extended cut, and instrumental b-side to flip and rewind. where you at, son? bring the pain.

@servando - a track that extends to being school length. yay! beanfield-ish elektro-kraut. as for vocals…haha…yes! adoring the stepped and stuttering effects on the vocal. filtering is ace throughout the track. nice transitions and solid groove. making the top choice a difficult matter, for sure, since the track is quite seamless. well rendered.

@wingo - nice filtering as well in the intro. scandalous track. gaz sample tweaking is ace at the onset. builds and builds…and then slows and leaves one in a breakdance move halfway between a headspin and a windmill. poppin and lockin your way into an industrial machine no doubt. my shoulders ache from trying to emulate dashboard jesus bobble-head moves as my head nods to this, driving down a street filled with potholes. (in my lawn)

@lyingdalai - drum and bass and ambient intermingled in touchy-feely ways…until an 80’s synth spat it’s monkey head out of a filtered video game score. kong had no chance against any barrels, the man had to pac his bags and suck it up to mario (in french). how sad for the plumber man. i love batteries, and what you did with this track. pocketo-operatori. or illuminati? kid sounds influential. watch out italo-disco, this is battery-powered groovy-ass shit that can give you run for your sideways smirks.

in response to your comments: first track i’ve entered with no vocal mangle, yes, although my intention was to add one, or at least a little hint of one…i found it a nice departure without, this go round, so i scrapped a version i had made with some Notorious BIG samples incorporated. it was cool though. maybe a project for another day to remix.

@jshall - can’t say too much here, since i am so sympathetic over your dog. mine just underwent a major surgery, had me worried sick and is still recovering. in all seriousness, your track has many levels and great filtering effects. nice work considering these events especially. and i’m glad you can relate this piece to something memorable about your pup…as i really enjoyed the track as well, as a listener. i can relate to how difficult it can be to create music while life’s struggles and ups/downs consume us all! thanks for sharing, all things considered. it does feed creativity i suppose. but is terrible to lose a beloved pet. truly sorry mate, for your loss.

@marijn - effective drums. i like the programming overall, and the grungy kick drum that comes in right towards the end is nice. it almost sounds like Morrissey is being played in my work studio through the main room speakers, while i am listening to this track over noise-canceling headphones…but then i realize it is some spoken word or vocal embedded in your track, and not in the room. something sci-fi and mysterious about the composition. nice work.

@beefinator - playful synth and cool drum grooves. cool rolls and lo-bit rate feel. i like the breakdown between the mania best. wish that was a bit more extended since it gave me a chance to relax for a part of the track. i need more relaxation in my life. really good cut overall.

thanks for the comment too. :slight_smile:

@spacetravelmadeeasy - everyone dropped beats here, so this was actually quite refreshing. i’m used to these battles (since i first started checking in), having quite a few experimental and ambient joints in the running. and this one was very nice compositionally and the overall vibe. nice sample work too. filtering and ambiance is smooth and well executed. nice work.

@aeoner - cool track. and great way to end the set. mellow and smooth. tones seem to reverberate in mesmerizing tones, melodic and made me feel like listening to film end credits. i like the vocal samples too. kinda has a more lo-fi vibe than some of your other more dusty grooves. like it is playing off an old 50’s radio, or almost sci-fi.

also, thanks for the feedback and comments! the sub is quite nice for bass, i’ve found.

i voted for Servando a while back. composition is nice and made me nostalgic for some old Breakbeat, Future Jazzy Beanfield-ish vinyl.

thanks to @sammyjams for hosting. did you make a track with the same rule set? i’ve seen you several posts on the OP-1 tracks thread. wondering if one of those was made based on yours. was interested to hear it, since i quite enjoy some of the tracks you put together.

also @yoof usually makes the playlist on the oh-pee-one-battles soundcloud. missing his entry the past few battles, as they are typically top notch. hope all is well…

Well, voting is closed. @wingo wins! Well done sir and the next rules are up to you. @kln to answer your question, I didn’t make a track for this battle. BUT, whenever I do get my POs you will likely hear a flood of new tracks :slight_smile:

congrats @wingo - well deserved.

@sammyjams - looking forward to it. the PO’s are ace.

Congrats @Wingo !. and thank you to all for the music and the feedback. I didn’t had much time to give proper feedback this time.
looking forward to the next battle!

Congratulations @wingo !

Be crazy with the next rules !!