Battle 33 voting!

On behalf of @wingo (get well soon!), here’s the voting thread for battle 33.

Let's aim to vote by end of Tuesday 12th May!

(If I missed anyone, please shout!)

Thanks @yoof !

Yup thanks Yoof for putting the voting together. Friday today so tonight I’ll get to sit with a beer or two and listen to all the tracks through :slight_smile:

You rock, @yoof

Lymtronics - Continuum… nice shit… very harmonic. awesome :slight_smile:

@kosmonaut_bill: laden with wobbly waltzy crunchy lo-fi goodness - @overseas_territory: wonderfully abstract and atmospheric - @yoof: variously melodic ambient jarring and eerie characteristically great track - @flom: playful and catchy track you’re off to a flying start if you’ll pardon the pun - @adrigax: a humorous and appropriate treatment of this song liked it lots - @marijn: creative use of filtered white noise reminded me of pil’s careering enjoyed the minimal start and gradual build of melodic elements - @lyingdalai: massive bass and great syncopated percussion really pushing the envelope - @nordlundh: abstract claustrophobic and edgy liked it lots especially the space sounds - @tomavatars: i actually enjoyed the way that you used the stereo space also the syncopation and the way the track develops its theme - @aeoner: haunting and melodic loved it - @spacetravelmadeeasy: enjoyed the laid back feel of this track - @kln: loved your playful use of samples - @lymtronics: bags of atmosphere great build - @brunogola: very moody piece great fit for the theme

Kosmonaut Bill - I really like the slow off-kilter and melancholic nature of your track

Overseas Territory - Your track sounds like it could be an ambient background for a movie in a space station. the space ‘noise’, beeps, clicks and radio babble.

Yoof - As always amazingly programmed drums (I am so jealous) and a very well polished tune.

Plasticdub - More space babble and noise - I’m loving the fact that people have been really experimental with their submissions.

Neeneneee - The strings in your track sound almost cartoon/comedic (is that a word?) and in a strange way belonging to a strange scene in a Kubrick space film.

Adrigax - I think your fairground sounding melody track belongs in the same twisted Kubrick film that Neeneneee’s track belongs in :wink: great stuff.

Marjin - This sounds like it should be in the back chillout room of a dark techno club. really like the droning key sequence that comes in half way then the choir sound thats in at the last fifth - that’s pretty damn epic.

Lying Dalai - Killer programmed beats and even more killer bass blowin’ up mah speakerz!

David - Another dark dark track that you can get lost in. Some real nice droning sounds and space noise.

Tomavatars - nicely put together track with a whole lot of variation put in there. I like the sailing little melody from 2mins.

Aeoner - Another droning melody to get lost in. Nice work.

spacetravelmadeeasy - my submission. how do all you other guys manage to get such noiseless and perfect mixdowns?!!!

dj_KLN - Awesome triphop stylee track with nice cuttin-and-scratchin type sounds with those bleeps n blips.

Lymtronics - excellently crafted track and progression. some real deep dark bass. that upping sound at 2.50 onwards is beautiful.

brunogola - Another dark and moody real experimental one. good stuff.


My vote goes with Overseas Territory. I really like where this track took me when I listened to it. I might just have been in the mood for something dark because I’ve come down with a cold/flu today :frowning: if it was some other day I might’ve went for something more upbeat.

How was it – is the name of the game that participants vote, or are outside votes considered welcome? Will prolly listen to these anyway, so I thought I’d ask.

Outside votes are positively encouraged :slight_smile: Voting open to all!


For me, it has to be LyingDalai. My vote is cast.

I think I made a new record with the amount of heart clicks on SoundCloud with this battle. Sick stuff.

@Kosmonaut_Bill I really dig all the tape warbly stuff. I like the second part a lot. The kick really punches through other sounds organically. Total feel of an old tape sitting on a hot dashboard for too long.

@overseas_territorty Ah! I totally wanted to use that “computers now have primary control” sample but just couldn’t make it fit in a meaningful way. I suspect I’ll hear it again in this playlist. It sounds like you only used samples to create this track, which earns a little extra credit. I like the pulsing spine of the track and how various layered sample manipulations are featured where melodies would conventionally play. Interesting stuff.

@yoof There’s just too much to talk about, but it’s all great. You could make a dozen songs out of the ideas in these six minutes. Great synth sounds, panning work, and transitions. I can’t imagine being this focused on a train full of people.

The stupid soundcloud app I have doesn’t seem to let me leave comments on tracks. Maybe it’s me. I know it’s fun to get those little notifications, so… sorry.

@plasticdub Some more sample only work. Nice. I like those bubbling sounds. The double triggered and layered versions of the same sampke sound really cool. The tense machine hum sounds good.

@neeneneee Crazy CWO! I like the beat. Some Middle East vibes in there. I love when the string like sound speeds up and then everything else starts to break apart and fall away. Really nice.

@adrigax Nice beats. It reminds me of 80s r&ab or tears for fears or soemthing. I love the play with the CWO rates on separate channels. It sounded familiar, but I couldn’t nail it at first. There is almost a “Plantasia” feel to it, but then the melody came in and I got it. Nice work.

@marijn Nice atmosphere created with the samples. I really like the synth and noise sounds going on from around 3 minutes on. Spaced out all the way.

@lyingdalai Holy aggressive machine groove! Oh my god. This drum programming is insane. I love getting occasionally slapped in the face with some of the bigger, more acoustic drum sounds. Such tiny and tight little snippets all over the place. Crazy.

@nordlundh I like the noisy growl and throbbing kick and expanding sounds. I appreciate that this was made as part of an experiment and crafted likely in a single session.

@tomavatars These beats in stereo are cool. I was spacing out and went to press the 1 thru 4 buttons to see what was going on on each track, but realized my op1 wasn’t there. Anyway, I was interested. Lots of really cool stuff going on. Great use of effects throughout.

@aeoner That flute sound is so precious. The bass sound is very deep and organic, like a string instrument. A nice duet accompanied by electronic percussion and sounds from space.

@spacetravelmadeeasy I get a scifi feel out of this. The nice hollow bell sound and smooth growls mix with the stuttering drums to create a chilly feel, like I’m in space without my suit on.

@kln Cool sample manipulation. The drum beats sound really clear. I like the snappy snares, ratcheted hi hats, and occasional triangle. I like the plucked string synth (and sample) and the car horn too. Classy tune.

@lymtronics I’m tired of listening to this, but let’s try to be nice. I like the intro sound in both ears with different tremolo settings or whatever is going on. The bass and ascending arp sound is huge. I like that section with the airy sample and the cymbals on each beat. Cool buildup after that leading back into familiar territory. The next section is ok, but I sort feel like I’m tripping over myself. It also sounds like you accidentally deleted like a fraction of a second of your tape and there’s a silent stutter before moving on. Shame, dude. Decent work overall, but you should stop talking to yourself.

@brunogola I like the robotic noise percussions. I like the fluttering synths with the filtered drums fighting to be heard. Good sample work, atmosphere, and mood.

I vote for @yoof for the high quality of his track, for the sounds all possessing their own space, for the strong affection for detail, and for commanding the attention of the listener while guiding them through several different places.

It also sounds like you accidentally deleted like a fraction of a second of your tape and there's a silent stutter before moving on. Shame, dude. Decent work overall, but you should stop talking to yourself
Ahaha this sentence lifts all my interrogations about coming back on my words : my vote is for you and your schizophrenic auto-criticism :D

I liked @overseas_territorty’s track because it seemed to distill what a lot of these tracks were going for. That sort of pensive, spacey sparseness. It was just very atmospheric and effective.

Honorable mentions to @yoof for being really technically adept, and @adrigax for being extremely cute :3

Lots of good submissions, guys!

excellent rules @wingo - did you make a track as well?

i enjoy when the rule maker makes a track too. so if you have one, please share!

all other ones are top notch as well. i would pretty much echo lymtronics in my reviews of everyone’s tracks. (except for the self-critical bit)

it came down to a decision between @yoof, @lymtronics and @LyingDalai

in the end my vote goes to @LyingDalai
just was feeling that one the most today with the crazy drum programming and great bass.

I need to dedicate more time to getting a well structured and crafted submission for future battles rather than leaving it to the last minute.

I don’t want to win for winnings sake, I just want to win so I can set a brief for the next one as I think I’ve got a decent little brief.

@kln I thought about it, and messed around with some ideas, but in the end I wasn’t sure if it was proper for me to enter, being the rulemaker and everything.

I’m really super stoked by all of these entries! I’m so glad that everyone dove into this battle and really got into it. Some really great results. It makes me smile.

i think all rule makers should post a track, of course, not to be voted on. there isn’t anything improper about adding to the fun and listening enjoyment of others.

but it’s all good if you didn’t either. hopefully you’ll throw down in the next one.

Apologies guys, can I ask for an extension on the voting? I’m lagging behind a bit!

Anybody mind if we aim for Saturday night?

@adrigax gets it for me :slight_smile:

Amusing and upbeat, sounds like something the Orb might have done in days gone by.

Although I voted, didn´t made the one-by-one analysis. Will post here until tomorrow! :slight_smile: