Battle 37 - AFX cover/remix

Hoping there are a good number of AFX fans on this forum. That guy got me into electronic music and inevitably making it!! :)

For this battle you can have a go at covering or remixing an Aphex Twin track of your choice using only the OP-1's synth engines and the samples RDJ used for the particular track you choose.

You can either try to recreate a track in its entirety, trying to stay as close to the original as possible or you can use some of the track's melodies/sounds and create your own version as a remix. You don't have to copy the track note for note, just have an essence of the original.

I thought this would be a great challenge to get everyone thinking about sound design and beat/melody writing.

Will allow the use of any midi files you can find on the net that people have already transcribed.
Or you can have a go at transcribing drums/melodies yourself.

- Everything to be mixed in the OP-1 and recorded to Album as usual.

- No outboard gear to be used for synthesis or fx.

- Can use onboard microphone or line in mic to record anything foley you think RDJ would have used.

- Only use of outboard gear is for sequencing / piping midi into the OP-1.

- Re-sampling within the OP-1 is allowed.

- No use of OP-1 drum presets allowed, just D-Box and drums sampled by RDJ.

- All fx and all synth engines can be used.

- Can pick any one track from the discography of any of RDJ's alias's

- Bonus points for someone drawing the Aphex Twin logo in sketch! :P

Setting the deadline for entries on 16th October

Happy battling!

Ah cool - an AFX battle! I’m going to try really hard to make this one (and sorry for being so slack recently!)

I actually submitted an AFX cover for a previous battle entry :slight_smile:

Looking forward to having a go.

I must confess that I feel fucking atuned to the UNIVERSE MUSICAL VIBES this week. (Day) dreamed about a really rare brazillian 7 inch this week; found it today in one of my old crates. Being listening only to Aphex Twin all the week, now we have a battle :wink: Great!

A bonus: the MUST READ MASSIVE RDJ interview made by Noyzelab (and deleted) last year:
noyzelab: Aphex Twin SYROBONKERS! Interview Part 1

@aeoner such sensation feel so good :smiley:

@Metske I really wish I find the time to do this battle, I love AFX and I wonder if I can come close to the tracks I like most…

Can we use samples of drum machines he’s used or just the breakbeats he sampled?

Will allow samples of drum machines

I love Aphex Twin, but I think I’m not gonna have enough time to make a cover/edit.
Currently trying to find time to compose some new stuff :smiley:

Good luck everybody !

I wishhhh I didn’t have some deadlines waiting on my desktop…
Just the percussion parts are sample based, the rest are op-1 synths!. I made a video of this too. cheers! (thinking about making a detailed video with the seqs and the sound tricks)

This sounds like FUN!

Am I the only guy on here who’s never listened to Aphex Twin?! I guess I’ll have to start now - suggestions of favourite tracks appreciated!

@Servando, nice job. Nice to see on video too (here’s the link )

@Sparky You’ve got to start with Widowlicker I think ^^

Really excellent @servando

Still disturbingly amazing video!

Nice one @servando! What song was it originally?
I’m working on mine too. I started early this time. It includes samples from ‘Alberto Balsam’ and drums from ‘Cow Cud is a Twin’ . I’m happy having sth done for this battle, but with Aphex Twin I couldn’t resist ; )

Yes, very nice indeed @Servando!

I did a really rubbish version of Polynomial C, but I just couldn’t get the synth sounds I was after, so I put it aside and started on something new. Would be really interested to hear if somebody else can pull that one off. Was quite happy to have worked out the arpeggios in that one, so it’s a shame the synths didn’t go so well.

Thanks for the kudos! :wink:

@Mixrasta : the tune Its called Ptolemy from the first “selected ambient works” album
@yoof : I will try to get that sound !. (I love to recreate sounds from iconic tracks…)


@yoof : I could get even closer… give it a try!

Hey @Servando, massive respect for putting that together after my comment :slight_smile: close!! Gonna have a quick re-listen to mine now :slight_smile:

Just for fun, here was my first attempt (not my battle entry :slight_smile: ) of “Polynomial C”: