Battle 39 - Sample's Instinct

I’ve got many ideas for this battle, but it was hard to choose.
So, Battle 39 is about the place you are living in. This battle is mainly based on samples, to show instants.
The Goal is to represent how do you live day of the week in your City/Country and how you want to express it.

Here are the rules :

1. (required) Record one sound when you’re waking up, and use it in the synth sampler.

2. (required) Sample or record (tape, synth / drum sampler) a voice/speech of people who speaks the language of the country where you live now (this could be recorded from a public transport, conversation, radio, ads, colleague, boss…).

3. (required) Play at least one acoustic instrument of your choice. If you don’t have any acoustic instruments, you can use glasses, or everything natural with which you can make noises.

4. (required) Only Digital Synth (good choice kln) synth engine is allowed. The first to respond will choose the internal synth engine !

5. You can use all drums you want, internal, external, hand made, beatboxing, sounds that comes from nowhere … No limit !

6. All OP-1 effects are allowed.

7. (required) Record and mix into OP-1 Album.

8. (required) You’ve got to describe (shortly) how/what you recorded and used.

Hope there’s not too much rules.
Let your
instinct guide the sample ! Let the samples guide your instinct !

Deadline is extended to March 23th

digital synth!

Cool ! samples !

Oh ! And external drums !

Very inspirational rules. Thanks @quarantequatre!

(now charging my old portable recorder, hope the battery is not dead).

Yeah :slight_smile: love the rules. Good synth choice @kln.

I’m in it!

Great rules! I’m on it. =)

We jamOnIt like Newcleus!

Nobody else ?

There will be other people participating I bet.

But a little bump is a good idea !

I struggle to record sound. I could do it with onboard mic but it’s a bit too lofi…
Guess I’ll offer myself a portable recorder soon ^^

You can record the radio or from an external source :slight_smile:
If you don’t wanna pay to much, and have a nice portable (with huge autonomy), there is the Zoom H2N. I love it, it’s my first microphone, very nice value for the price :). I’ve used it to record the birds in the forest and the mouth harp in my last track :slight_smile:

Yeah I look into it… But 160€ is still something, especially if you had just ripped apart your bank account to buy a MDUW+ you don’t need but cannot get rid of once it’s in your hands ^^

There were some threads about field recording lately :

I’ll check the references :slight_smile:

Wow ! I’ve paid it 135 in august 2014 ! What happened to the price ??

Good deal for owners of an older iOS device: Just bought a new Tascam iM2 stereo recording mic for my iPhone 4s for just 20€ at Thomann music store.

I’m IN as well!

1 week left !

Need some extension ?

Oh yes please !!

I have just a rough sketch so far… Don’t even have sampled my kids waking me up so far !

One week extra would be ideal… Still, might be able to crunch something together next weekend if I’d have to. =)

I have a nice morning sample and a guitar riff. Still looking for a voice sample that goes well with them.

Local voice already recorded… WakeUp Sample won’t be a big problem I guess : ) Uuahhaaa
Extensinating can’t be wrong.

Then lets go for 1 more week ! :smiley: