Battle 43 - Battle for Unity!

Hey there ! It took some time to converge towards this brief but @Konst, @himrod and I are very pleased to submit the following challenge...

Battle 43 : “Battle for Unity!”

With an amused thought to @quarantequatre, use this link to generate a number between 1-42 (write down this number in your message).

  1. Required intro/outro samples
    Use this fade-out drone sample [intro.aif] as the BEGINNING of your track and this fade-in drone sample [outro.aif] as the END of your track
    Be sure to add this at the very end of the process if you plan to use tape speed adjustments to your track in order to preserve pitch.

    The idea behind is to unite all the tracks in the end.
    So it's important to keep at least a few seconds untouched for the beginning of the intro sample and the end of the outro one !

    These samples are offered as drumkits, so put the e.g. in /drum/battle #43/ and load them in a drum slot.
    First note is the whole sample. Rest of the notes are ideas of what you can get out of such samples :D

  2. Required sample from past battle
    The second required sample must come from an entry from the previous OP-1 battle that corresponds with the number you roll above.
    Example: if your number is 34, you must use a sample from an entry in Battle #34
    For battles 1-30 you may use this thread for reference.

    If the entries can not be found for a battle (example: battle 15), you must use the immediately following battle.

  3. No other sample allowed
    Along with the samples mentioned in rules above, use only internal sounds synthesized in OP-1 (metronome included).
    No drum or synth sampler filled with external samples : drum + synth samplers only OK for resampling.

    You may use a computer for the only purpose of building your drumkits ("OP-1 drumkit utility" may be used for this)

  4. All mixing must be done on OP-1

  5. Deadline
    December 4th, 23:59

33 - all right

37 - I’m a first timer. !!!

I’m a bit confused about the rules…

Rule #1 - Are we supposed to play these intro/outro samples dry and in their entirety? Or are we allowed the chop them up, apply effects etc

Rule #3 - so we can’t use any of the synth/drum samples provided by the TE firmware?

Also I rolled 18


#1 I’m sure the idea is that the intro and outro should unite the tracks. You can play them in random order and they’ll always be connected without a gap by that drone sound. So if you want to play with these samples, make sure that they stay completely unaltered at the very beginning and end of your entry (no master fx either). Very cool idea @himrod @Konst @LyingDalai

#3 also clear: no external or internal samples allowed as source material, except that one from rule #2. Make your own drumkit using the internal synth engines. The idea: to explore the power of the synths to make percussion sounds.

I rolled 28. I’m in, and I swear to keep the deadline this time (…or die trying…) :wink:

  1. ready to go.

I rolled 36 :slight_smile:

  1. I’m in. :slight_smile:
  1. first time doing a battle so we’ll see how it goes

@interpolate @motone indeed the idea behind is to unite the tracks in the end :slight_smile:
So it’s important to keep at least a few seconds untouched for intro/outro samples.
Now you’re free to reuse it :smiley:

And @motone is true : only internal engines are allowed, no external samples but the ones extracted from rule #2 (and #1)

@motone please don’t die :smiley:
At least no too soon.

Also one more thing. Can someone explain the process of getting those drones onto the OP-1 at the beginning and end of my track? I’m sure i could figure it out with the sampler but I feel like there’s a much easier way. Got this thing a month ago so i don’t know much about it yet.

@zach_aum, here are the options that come to mind:

* Play them on your computer / phone and sample them directly to tape using the white ear on the Op-1.

* Connect your Op-1 to the computer with USB and replace track_1.aif and track_2.aif in the tape directory with these files (calling them track_1.aif and track_2.aif). They would be overlaying each other in the Op-1, but you could then shift them around within the Op-1 by just lifting and dropping the audio from one part of the tape to another

Battle sounds cool :slight_smile: I got 23.

I’m glad you liked the generator idea :slight_smile: @Konst @himrod @LyingDalai. Nice battle guys !
I hope I’m gonna have time to participate to this one, as I’m actually buying a house and just received Ableton Push… :smiley:
This should be the opportunity to erase my OP-1 tape and get something new on it,
I rolled 39 :slight_smile:

Mecha Tassadar - ONLINE!

Reporting in! Got number 8.

Interesting challenge. After just getting my hands on a OP-1 I have really been looking forward to participating in battles, as it does seem like an cool way to learn its features and pump up the creativity/productivity.

Got #1, hope you guys made some good stuff back then I can make use of :slight_smile:

Lucky guy, @Rokoko, you got the one that started it all off :slight_smile:

Battle 1 by - ohpeewon battles - | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Got 37, if I ever find the time to submit my own track ^^

@yoof, maybe this thread should be made sticky ?


7! Lucky for some.
Hopefully I’ll come up with something.
Finally registering for a battle is an excellent first step at least!