Battle 44 - Body Operator - It's Voting Time!!!

BATTLE #44 is now closed, it's voting time! Thanks to all contestants!

  1. Everybody is invited to vote!
  2. You have up to three votes that you can give to the battle entries (but one vote per entry only)
  3. Voting ends in 10 days, on Feb. 12th.

Here's a playlist of all entries, for your listening convenience:

And here are the contestants:







Hey ! Cool entries up there :smiley:

My votes go to @Edzilla (Love the 90s vibe and the craziness) @Servando (perfect sounding, great composition) and @millbastard (You track is crazy, heavy, love the atmosphere and the way you mixed it.) got to listen again for the last one.
I’m gonna edit further to add some little coms :wink:

I like the 3vote rule. Good idea. I will listen more before voting.

my votes go to @Edzilla @rudolphrapid @millbastard

Awesome tracks, it’s hard to believe some of those sounds aren’t synths or drum samples. Very cool. I picked up some new approaches to composing and sound design on this battle.

My 3 votes:

I love everyones tracks, super unique it was hard picking 3! Definitely going to spend more time on the next battle, cant wait!

my 3 votes:

Good job everyone!



Here are my votes:


Mah vote:

@millbastard - just great atmosphere
@winerz - that over-polished Rhodes gets me every time
@lorddankmemeth - great groove. love the bell instrument


This has been mad fun to be a part of and has reeeeeeally opened my brain up to how to fully compose on the OP1. Before I was kind of second-guessing a little how it would fit in my setup, whereas now it’s pretty clear. My votes:

@Edzilla - mainly for that initial vowel-like sequence that’s from one of my favourite presets in the Finger sequencer. love that pattern!
@winerz - the intro really reminds me of A Tribe Called Quest, some really cool sounds throughout
@Servando - this sounds like a pro-level chill/house track. The tape slowdown outro gets me every time! Some really great stuff on your SC too

My vote goes to @Winerz for it’s jazznigmatic and interesting harmony.

Greetings from Perú to all participants!.

Looking forward to the Next battle.

my votes are for

@lorddankmemeth - really weird, like some forgotten early giallo soundtrack in the parts i most enjoyed
@edzilla - pretty goofy, i like the finger patterns used.
@millbastard- the toughest one.

i also liked @servando’s alot.

Hi ! Awesome work guys!
My votes goes to :

@winerz for the overall feeling of the track
@Servando for the mix quality
@Edzilla because he’s crazy

Great entries alltogether.

@millbastard Heavy beats and really nice bass. Well done. The vocal scratch emulation is dope.
@Servando Very good sound design. I love it.
@winerz I like the easy feeling of your submission. Very nice composition.
@Roborob A nice composition, too. Great use of that vocal sample.
@rudolphrapid Bobbbobibbibiibbibilblblbb! Haha, this is awesome. A short and crazy one!
@Edzilla This sounds crazy, too. Stunning break at 1:31.
@lorddankmemeth I really like the FM-like synth in the beginning. I must admit, my feelings about the song as it progresses are a bit mixed. :wink:

Tough decision, but there can only be three :slight_smile:
My votes are going to:
@Servando: for the sound.
@winerz: for the overall composition (and the Rhodes-like sound).
@rudolphrapid: for that awesome lip work. Bibbiblbbilbibbobblbl… :smiley:

Current ranking:

1 @Edzilla and @winerz 8 votes
3 @millbastard 7 votes
4 @Servando 6 votes
5 @rudolphrapid 5 votes
6 @lorddankmemeth 4 votes
7 @Roborob 2 votes

The poll is still open until this Sunday (Jan, 12th)!

My first vote goes to @millbastard !! This track is so powerful !

Reminds me of Beck’s Odelay, somehow. Totally dig it.

My second vote goes to @winerz’, love the groove and the chords, the line above, the lofi beat…

@motone yeah honestly havent listened to it since i uploaded and its nowhere near as good as i wanted, I wasnt feeling creative but i just wanted to contribute

@winerz …as already stated a mellow early 90’s Rap-vibe!
@millbastard Just rough and cool! Also cool vocal in the second half.
@Edzilla Crazy journey! Maybe 20 years later those OP-1 pattern preset sound will be cult ; )