Battle 48: That's strange!

Okay, first let’s set the deadline for this battle: It’s August, 24th !!! Why? Because it’s...
Yes, this battle will be all about strange music. F**k music theory, forget listening habits. Break common producing patterns. Go beyond, go crazy! The stranger, the better!
Here are the rules:
Everything is allowed. Use internal and external sound sources, import and export, record forward or backward (or both), tweak and bounce as you wish, re-invent and recycle.
But the one golden battle rule remains: the whole thing should be mainly OP-1 centered. Final mixing and recording must be done in-the-box.
Feel free to share your thoughts, intentions and techniques in a brief comment when submitting your entry.
FINAL NOTE: Due to the special day there will be NO DEADLINE EXTENSION this time! It's August, 24th!
I’m really looking forward to listen to the craziest stuff ever.


@admin Please “announce” this discussion, and unannounce the battle 47 discussions. Thanks!


Fun! Linear drumming, here I come.


Yes! Sounds great! I’ll be on vacation in August, but I hope I’ll manage to upload something from an Internet café! Awesome idea, motone!


Cool, this could be sth for me, thanks!


Never heard of ‘strange music day’ before, sounds like a good day :slight_smile: will try to hand something in for this one.


@Callofthevoid Me neither, but for inspiration I just looked up the “Days Of The Year” around the predicted deadline… and there it was. :slight_smile:


Destiny :wink:


What’s “strange” ?

I wouldn’t know how to make music that feels not from me.
Unless it’s automatically generated…

Something with OP-1 + Digitakt comes to mind…

What's "strange" ?

That’s up to your own interpretation…


I think strange is just normal here ; )


Strange as stranger, like what’s outside of me, my knowledge, my own sensibility.

Have to change my way of working on this one ^^


I’m reminded of the old H.P. Lovecraft quote: "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die."

Anyway, I’m bummed that I skipped the last one and will participate in this one for sure! =)


That’s a cool quote!
Would be cool with you on board like in the good old days :slight_smile:


Strange can become the new normal :smiley:


Already experimented with some custom scales last night. Planning to sample one into the drum synth. =)

Yeah @mixrasta I suppose we’re starting to be the old Battle-farts around here, eh? =) But I didn’t participate right from the start, maybe from around 6th or 7th though, dunno…


3 weeks to go!


Buddy I’ve got my head ,ahem, where it shouldn’t be. Would love to take part - l love the brief . But…


I love the one rule to rule them all
Do anything - but it must be OP-1 centred .

Buddy I've got my head ,ahem, where it shouldn't be. Would love to take part - l love the brief . But...

So six minutes of silence it is. On four tracks. In full stereo.