Battle 48: That's strange!


Hahahaha :slight_smile:


feeling positively strange.


technique-wise i just played with some records and sampled that shit. all the drums are from the drum presets that came with the last SW update. no drum breaks came from samples. i was trying to just follow the flow of playing some of the internal kits, and grabbing some samples while matching the groove. definitely some nice internal drums to mess with!

but this positive thinking record just fit so well over it, i got all Nike on this shit and was like just “do it”

Zombie Cat image is reflective. trying to get at this shit er’day. let’s do it.


@Kln Excellent sound as always! :slight_smile:

Here my entry:


Rainy days here in France… Weird mood, good time to come up with a track for the battle :slight_smile:

PO-16 and PO-14 were recorded in OP-1 : first time I solely played them freely, without loops… I discovered amazing sounds !!
I also sampled a bit of radio directly from the OP-1, came across a cool drum solo, such luck :wink:


Hooray, three entries already.

15 days left!






I let Twin Peaks take care of the weirdness for me. Just had some funny fiddling a weird quote. Couldn’t bring myself to get atonal.






Oh, what a great challenge again. Very interesting entries already, so many OP-1 experts out there :slight_smile:

Though I very like this battle’s rules (finally no hard restrictions) as well as the topic (call for being strange), I had very little time to work on my track. So here it is as it is :slight_smile:




To expand the boundaries of "strange" a bit more, here's my contribution (luckily not eligible for voting):

The main idea behind this abomination was to use the CRANK utility on every recording, mostly to transport the tape, but at least to add modulation to the tape speed. I also used this method when doing overdubs with effects, and during the final recording to ALBUM.

External equipment used: Roland Boutique TB-03 and TR-09, Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano.

Even if it seems so, no cows were harmed during the production.


Excellent !
Quite an exhaustive definition for of strange, indeed :smiley:


I didn’t think I’d get tot his one, but waddya know!

Idea with this one came from my new Sherman/Rodec Restyler - it’s just a wild, weird, wacky filter.

I ran my Circuit on the main drone straight into the main inputs of the Restyler. Microgranny sound was a click from my OP1, recorded directly into the MG inputs, then granularised to be a glitchy breakbeat. MG was routed through the OP1 with the master effect set to delay. OP1 Moonweed synth heavily wiggled with provides the extra melody. OP1 outs went into the Strymon Deco for a bit of grit then into the Restyler’s other inputs.

The Restyler then smashes the whole thing together, as it’s only supposed to be used for a single signal, when you use both sets of inputs (1/4" and RCA’s) it really grits the fk out of it.
It also uses an input trigger (which I was manipulating the frequency) to provide amplitude modulation to each of the three filters, and FM to the filter - you can hear this about 2/3s the way through. All of that was then run into an RE20 space echo and recorded directly onto Ableton then bounced out - no FX or mixing used in Ableton, just used like a glorified tape deck. I couldn’t work out how to record it back into the OP1 when the MG was already plugged in!

Awesome, sickx tracks already (not counting mine)! :D Keep it coming!

@Nozaihaus Can you upload your track to SoundCloud, so I can add it to the battle playlist for the upcoming voting thread?


Here is my track! All distortion and noise is intentional. Great tracks again @everyone!!! Greeetings from Greece. :slight_smile:


…3 days to go.

Awesome, sickx tracks already (not counting mine)! :D Keep it coming!

@Nozaihaus Can you upload your track to SoundCloud, so I can add it to the battle playlist for the upcoming voting thread?

That was a live take on video so didn’t record just the audio. Still had the files on tape so just did another take that I’m uploading to Soundfile. Sorry did i miss that bit in the rules?

here ya go