Battle 50: Resurrection – VOTING

Ok, it's voting time! Who did the best job in resurrecting archival gems?

The voting rules:


* You can vote for up to three tracks.

* Voting will close in ten days (Thursday, November 30th, 12:00 GMT) on Sunday 3rd December, at midnight, wherever you are! I'll count the votes Monday morning Euro time.

* As always, a short comment on each entry would be highly appreciated.

Here are the entries, in order of submission.


resurrecting &
















"a song called How Long and a piece from Gershwin out of the archives"




"samples from 3 Hawaiian 78s:

* Beautiful Hawaii

* I'd Like To See Samoa of Samoa

* Ulili-E"




"some kind of latin joint and I sampled the first horn phrase and horn orchestral section"

And there’s the playlist, thanks @yoof! For some reason, @Teder’s entry could not be added to the playlist, so unless they manage to fix the issue in the track settings, you have to listen to Teder’s entry from the embed link above.

Made some quick & trashy cover art for the playlist. :slight_smile: @yoof

Added it to the playlist, @motone. Touch low res though. Don’t suppose you have a high res quick and trashy cover art? :wink:

Nice one @motone! Hey @yoof looks like you downloaded the snapshot of the photo accidentally? At least when I click on the photo, looks like it has more pixels than in the playlist embed?

@yoof You’ve downloaded the thumbnail instead of the actual picture, here’s the pic link:

hehe silly me… all sorted - nice one @motone :wink:

Lookin’ good now! =)

Looks cool @motone

dang. shit is deep and every track is hyphy. playlist has some great flow and quality keeps rising. I started entering battles at #25, so making #50 come alive gives me good feelings, even tho I missed the deadline. this is definitely one I will come back and listen to a few times for it’s depth of creativity.

@MirEko takes the cake for me. voting complete.

my piece was too late, so posted it on the op-1 tracks thread, in case curiosities are abundant.

Hey, thanks for the great cover image! :)

I went through all the tracks. It was really entertaining now :)

@MirEko - I like the clever mix of the two old tracks. Plus that funny guitarish arp.
@Teder - Simple but enjoyable groove. You put good parts of the original together. The ending is delicate :)
@dschu - What a broken beat :) What an avantgarde feeling of the track :)
@rudolphrapid - Best of all as always :D :D
@mixrasta - Funky arrangment. You created an old stylish but modern hit. Congrat!
@the307 - I started to dance while sitting in my chair and working. Does it make a review? :)
@Edzilla - Haha. Well organized dadaist underground track. Great mix. Is it really done in OP-1 with that pumping comp (sometimes only on the left)? Congrat!
@jack_hightower This track is neither a normal product :) Funny funky mood. Well chopped trumpets.

So here are my votes (in order of appaerance no preference here):

@vehka Hey, the DL in the OP is misleading: “Thursday, October 30th, 12:00 GMT”. It should be November. Now I have a guess why the votes are not coming in :slight_smile:

Hehe, sorry about that. Fixed now!

I’ve been listening to the tracks today. You people did a great job with the brief. What a great set of tracks!

@MirEko - Keeping it simple & funky. Love the triplet string-thing. Great resurrection!
@Teder - Another no-nonse and funky track. Reminds me of old Alliance Ethnik stuff! Great job.
@dschu - So cool and nostalgic at the same time! The sample sits in the mix perfectly.
@rudolphrapid - Glitchy and fun. A true disco resurrection. Just when you expect the beat to drop for real, the track ends. We want more!
@mixrasta - You really “reanimate” the original. Seamless fusion of old & new. A true tribute – bravo!
@the307 - Moody & punchy. Great sounds & a funky sample. Love the arpeggiated chords.
@Edzilla - Love the underwater Hawaiian vibe that’s going on in the track. Really great work at giving the originals an afterlife!
@jack_hightower - The most complete deconstruction of the original. It’s stylish and subdued – great tribute to the original samples.

I love all of them, but since I have to pick three, here goes: @dschu, @mixrasta, @Edzilla.

Oh, and I’m really bummed I couldn’t make a track myself. Work has been killing me lately.

What a rainy day, but I have to take the train to the office. So…
Leaving the house a cut up sample of an old 78 Schellack record comes to my ears. A nice unknown string instrument arp line fades in and @MirEko makes the grey a bit more comfortable. Good!
Down to the underground suddenly I feel my feet feeling easy and ready to dance along the ugly tiles of a commuter gangway. The song gives me a push of confidence. Yes! But the song is ending soon, was this @Teder one?
But the next comes as fast as the next train,
‘’ take a seat, come in have a cup of tea ‘’ a lady of another time is saying to me… Wow we have female train attendants now. She is telling me a story of her past life, Lovestory of course, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, more important and also entertaining, so that was the @dschu I thought…
The train enters a daylight Station. That’s not my city anymore… @rudolph rapidly brings me on a short holiday in far east Asia. Nice, I could stay longer but time keeps slipping away fast.
Next station is how far away? Not that far I can hear, it still has an Asian vibe here, warm wheather, Südsee, South sea and the wind whistles a melody of a country that’s even further from here. After @the307 experience the train is no longer a train anymore. We really are on the ocean now. I look around, over my shoulder… People dressed with Hawaiian shirts and @Edzilla is welcoming me with an Aloha! Chill as can be, I’m invited to the next friends lazy afternoon on a boat. But we have to row as well of course. Everything has its pros and cons. But after the work comes the next cake : D
Someone is shaking my shoulders. It’s @Jack from the high towers. A little shock, am I still on my secret holidays? The beat is stuttering… But it doesn’t take long and we can hear the exotic xylophone of Polynesia again!
Still on my journey… good!

Back at home I write down my memories,
All went very well especially with these songs.
@the307 @MirEko and @Edzilla are still in my ears.

My vote for best reviews goes to @mixrasta :smiley:


Lol @mixrasta. Brilliant. =)